Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sharky Ban

I read through a few forum threads about the Sharkscope ban Pokerstars are now enforcing.It seems fairly obvious that the main reason behind this is the number of complaints they have to deal with from fish who have been berated in the chatbox.Well done glass tappers!

I would love to see some of those emails of complaint...."Dear Stars,I was happily running over my table for once,hitting lucky 2 outers and berating the table for their donkey moves when someone asked in the chatbox was why I was being such a loudmouthed arse when I had actually lost more then the GDP of some small countries,simply through playing $2 sngs....."

When I first started playing sngs ( just one table) I found SS invaluable and used to scope my table and even delete the players from the list as they donked out.These days when playing 2-4 tables I prefer to use it to quickly scope anyone making a move against me in a pot or to confirm my suspicions of donkery or sharkery.It's also great for letting me track my own play and profits.One more reason to keep playing the bulk of my sngs on Party.

Sharkcope doesn't work on Party for single table games, however the standard is so bad I'm playing more and more there.Last night I came 2nd in a couple of $22's and took 3rd in an $11 game for a decent wee profit.I mentioned before how in general I feel Party players are more clueless when it comes to bubble play in particular.It sometimes feels like the stt's there are almost as quick as super turbs on Full Tilt.I was chatting on IM last night and mentioned that blinds had hit 200/400 and there were still 6 players in my sng.I'd just hit the send button when two crashed out, and within a couple more hands I was suddenly heads up!

Ok,off to babysit for Step A shortly.Just time to say thanks to the s-man for this excellent story from The Register re cannabis causing schizophrenia.


At Thursday, 06 November, 2008, Blogger the big chap said...

Love the fact that the S man posted this. Was it not he who "had the calling" in Shawlands after many years of shmakin lol

At Saturday, 08 November, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Not disputing the evidence in the linked article big chap?

Back to the Daily Mail for you!


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