Sunday, October 26, 2008

Castles in the Sky..

I'm not much of a poker fanboy.I couldn't give two hoots if Hellmuth had another blow up or who the latest "sick sicko mtt" player is this week.Occasionally though I'll fire up the Railheaven tables on Full Tilt and enjoy watching the pros play at nose-bleed stakes.Who says you should never go broke with only a pair in Holdem...

Maybe Durr was building Castles in the Sky..

Or maybe he'll get Another Chance...

Either way it was a good excuse to post a couple of top tunes!

My new tele was delivered yesterday and looks fantastic! 42" is more than big enough for my wee flat and I've already watched plenty of football and "Saw" on it.I even watched about 5 mins of Strictly Come Dancing" but only because it was on Virgins high definition channel!

On the poker front I managed a decent run in Dr Paulys PLO game,finishing 5th.I could maybe have been tighter and tried to scrape into the money, but I got my money in goot and I think I'd play it the same way again.( not sure about my preflop call though!)

Afterwards I played some more $22's and $33 turbos on Party and finished down about $60 there after running like crap, especially at $33's where only a 2nd place finish in my last game really helped keep me afloat.Over at Stars I muddled along with $16's and a $27 and finished up about $30 for the evening.

That's nearly my 4th year of real money online poker over ( Oct 31st) and I'll be firing up a stats post some time next week.I'm also going to the football on Tues,taking Step A and ex Mrs A to the Cascada gig on Wed,playing pool on Thurs and heading out on Friday night! That's if I don't just cancel the lot and stay in to watch my new tv!

Ok,don't forget to register for tonights Brit Blogger game on Full Tilt.No need to be a Brit or a blogger....!

Oh and here's a quick guide on how to go from being on the bubble to getting Heads Up in one easy move....( from a $22 on Party)

Thanks for reading.Back soon...

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