Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sat Update

It's funny how some weeks the ideas and thoughts for blogging seem endless and other weeks I feel as if I've said it all and there's nothing original to write about.Perhaps it's about time I cut my posting frequency down a bit.Hmmm.

On Thursday night I took down a couple of turbs and cashed in a couple more on Party for a decent profit and I sensibly went to my bed at 11.30 to try and catch up on a little sleep.I'm not keen on playing when very tired as it seems to affect both my decision making and my reaction to the beats.

Last night before heading across to the S-mans for the evening I began the "Nacho no crisps diet ".( chips for any US/Canadian readers!).This was because when I popped in to pick up Step A to give her a lift to her Dads yesterday the dog jumped up with so much enthusiasm he cut my gum!Much as I adore salt n vinegar crisps, a packet now would be more painful than losing to a runner runner gutshot!Thanks Nacho!

I did manage a feat yesterday which is rarer than flopping three Royal flushes in a row.Yes,I managed to impress a teenager!I heard the girl next to me at work mention Cascada were playing at the Carling Academy in Glasgow and I managed to get a couple of tickets for Step A and the ex Mrs A.Step A's "whoaaa thanks" made it well worth every penny.I just wish I'd bought myself a ticket now as I do love my dance tunes!

Back to last night and I enjoyed a fine evening watching "Hancock" before arriving home around 1am.Friday nights and weekends in general are probably the juciest times to play poker but I was so dang tired I managed to watch half a Spacegravy training vid before hitting the sack about 2am and not getting up until 1.30 pm today!

Almost time to raid the poker account for a new tv.I was looking at a 46" Sony but in truth I don't watch a lot of tele and I reckon this baby would fit the bill nicely.I remember years ago my Mum and Dad buying a 33" set from a pub liquidation sale and it looked massive at the time.Now I'm worrying that a 42" set may not be large enough!

Ok,off to watch the second half of the Scotland v Norway game ( 0-0 at h/t) before taking Nacho out again and enjoying a nice chilled out Saturday.I may even ( if I remember) try out Dr Paulys Omaha game on Stars at 9.20pm UK time.After Dudleys recent success I reckon I should redress the balance with some donkery!

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