Thursday, October 09, 2008

Crap Day...

I'm half asleep again today after staying up until 2am ( up at 6am today) watching Rosie as she cashed for nearly $800 in a $6 mtt.2nd from 1500 and if JJ had held v K7soooted it would have been a win.

I made about $30 on Wednesday night and only played a couple of $16's last night.Stars continues to hate me but at least I broke my recent non-cashing duck and came 4th in one game.Once again the $16's were full of regulars and I'm asking myself why I bother when Party is so much softer.I also bubbled a wee $6 PL Omaha game.The great thing about playing Omaha is that I'm so clueless I'm not even sure when I've suffered a bad beat! Thanks to Rosie I've at least now glanced at a starting hand chart for the first time...

I decided yesterday that I'd never buy another Ford car again.I mentioned that the speedo,fuel guage etc had all failed on my Focus St170 and that thanks to the BBC Watchdog programme Ford had agreed to replace the faulty cluster units for £99.As far as I was concerned that was still £99 too much but I was willing to accept that charge and just get the work done.

First of all the Ford garage I left my car yesterday morning didn't have the unit in stock.This meant that leaving it there all day and having to get a taxi ( due to train strike) to work was a complete waste of time.To top it off Ford say it's only the older version of my car which qualifies for the £99 deal and only after a battle did they agree to even reduce cost from £350 to £192.I've booked it in for next week and will buy another brand in future.My car is only two months outside it's manufacturers warranty and as far as I'm concerrned Ford are a disgrace.

Between them and the police this morning....There was a huge queue of traffic on my way to work.At first it looked like two lanes had to merge into one due to an accident and no doubt that's what caused the jam to start with.As I got closer it became obvious the damaged car had been moved off the road ( the accident happened at the entrance to a car park) and the reason cars were still queued back for miles was because of the police car parked in the inside lane.I had to quickly grab my nicotine gum ( I don't smoke during the day) and chew fast to stop myself lowering my window to ask the police what the hell they thought they were playing at by parking there! ( probably not a wise idea!)

Ok,no more whining today.Here's one from the paper I liked....

We read in retired Glasgow detective Joe Jackson's biography, Chasing Killers, about fellow detective John McVicar, when a humble constable before becoming head of CID, nipping in to Tam Shepherd's Joke Shop to buy a plastic dog crap. At the time John had to look after stray dogs that were handed in.

So he put the fake crap on the station floor near the duty inspector's desk and poured steaming hot tea on it to make it look more realistic. The inspector arrived, threw a fit, told John to clear it up and was stunned when John picked up the offending poo with his bare hands, before realising it was a joke.

The inspector thought it was so funny he asked John to set it up for the divisional commander, who was visiting shortly.

John, though, went to the kennel and brought back the real McCoy, which he placed on the floor. The commander came in, saw the poo, demanded it be cleaned up, and the smirking inspector bent down to pick it up...

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At Friday, 10 October, 2008, Blogger TanOrpheus said...

Dump ¬


At Friday, 10 October, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quality! gonna have to try the steaming one LOL. Turbo diesel Audis or Volkswagons are the future fella MPG and reliabilility second to none and theyll run and run and run......Saw a new Audi RS4today that caught my eye was real nice but no doubt very pricey.
That was proper harsh with the warrenty just out, id have been steaming mate.


At Saturday, 11 October, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...


:-) I like this game Tan!

Yeah Bully I liked the added hot tea for the extra steam effect!

I reckon you're right mate re an Audi or Volkswagon for my next car.Never buying another Ford that's for sure.Steaming doesn't even begin to cover how mad I was at them.Grrrr!!



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