Monday, October 20, 2008


Thanks to everyone who showed up for last nights Bloggerment and congrats to Kronsdat on taking it down.I went out on the final table bubble.... which would have been a better achievment if more than ten players had actually started!I just hope Nacho doesn't eat the monkey...

After sifting through the millions of comments and emails ( thanks Rosie and Krons!) it's been decided to take the Britbloggerment to Full Tilt for the moment.Look out for a new banner soon.8pm start,$5.50,Turbo and password still donkament.The game is open to all,not just bloggers so fire it up and prepare for donkery next Sunday.I'm looking forward to it already!

After the Bloggerment my evening at the tables went reasonably well.I scraped a 4th in one $16 and crashed out of four more before finally taking one down.Over at Party I played about six $22's and won a couple of 'em to keep my decent run there going.I just wish Sharkscope worked at Party as I'd like to be able to see accurate stats for numbers of games played/roi etc.

I've signed up to the same hand replayer Mr Cloud uses to replay hands on his fine blog and I'll try and remember to save more hands I feel are worth a second look.Here's one from about a month ago as a tester to start things off... ( Party $22 single table turbo)

***** Hand History for Game 7412805141 *****
20/40 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (STT Tournament 42214134) - Mon Sep 29 13:27:15 EDT 2008
Table Speed 1330758 (Real Money) -- Seat 7 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: Tirris (1520)
Seat 2: Playerluis77 (2000)
Seat 3: stefaned (2000)
Seat 4: pokepiknl (3120)
Seat 5: GaunersUtd (2000)
Seat 6: breton92bis (1480)
Seat 7: Acornmn (1920)
Seat 8: doug9000 (1960)
Seat 9: Kaubi (2000)
Seat 10: Vitoria_BA (2000)
doug9000 posts small blind (20)
Kaubi posts big blind (40)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Acornmn [ Kd, Qd ]
Vitoria_BA folds
Tirris folds
Playerluis77 folds
stefaned calls (40)
pokepiknl folds
GaunersUtd folds
breton92bis calls (40)

Acornmn calls (40) >> I don't always play KQd early on in sng's.On this occasion I was getting nearly 4-1 and would have position post flop.

doug9000 raises (140) to 160 >>fishy looking raise as it's too small to take the pot there and then or to narrow the field.

Kaubi folds
stefaned calls (120)
breton92bis calls (120)
Acornmn calls (120)>> Great odds to call here too.

** Dealing Flop ** : [ 9c, Jd, 4h ]

doug9000 bets (340) >> His preflop raise was too small and now he's making a weak flop bet.Good players may make weak lead type bets to induce action but in general bet sizes tell the story and a weak bet means a weak hand.If he had made a decent bet here I make an easy fold.

stefaned folds
breton92bis folds

Acornmn calls (340)>> With a gutshot and two over cards I felt it was worth calling here.

** Dealing Turn ** : [ Qs ]

doug9000 bets (200)>> Now he makes an even weaker turn bet.

Acornmn raises (980) to 980 >> I raise for value.

doug9000 calls (780)>> Don't like the call.Maybe is he trapping with a monster.

** Dealing River ** : [ 6d ]

doug9000 bets (240)>> A true ( especially after results known) wtf moment!

Acornmn calls (240)>> It's not much more to put the villain all in here but if he has been trapping I'll save my last few chips.
** Summary **
Main Pot: 3800
Board: [ 9c Jd 4h Qs 6d ]

Acornmn balance 4000, bet 1720, collected 3800, net +2080 [ Kd Qd ] [ a pair of Queens -- Kd,Qd,Qs,Jd,9c ]

doug9000 balance 240, lost 1720 [ Kh 5h ] [ high card King -- Kh,Qs,Jd,9c,6d ]>> Well played sir! Heeee hawww!

More junk emails to deal with this week.This time the title seems to be encouraging me towards buying a budgie or perhaps a parrot.I'm not sure what else "Real men should have real pecker" can mean...

Ok,tomorrow night I'll be cheering for Man Utd as they take on the Darkside of Glasgow in the Champions league.About 12-0 sounds goot to me!

Hoping to catch up with the s-man and my cousin too this week and also see my parents before they go on holiday.

Thanks for reading.Back soon...

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At Tuesday, 21 October, 2008, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Nice hand player. Did you tell the dude he was a fish?

UL on the monkey. It would have been me if dD hadn't kept on heckling me!

At Tuesday, 21 October, 2008, Blogger AllanDuke said...

What is the tourny# for your next FT tourny?

At Wednesday, 22 October, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I didn't say a word the fish DF.No need to tap the glass :-)

No details yet AD but thanks to your reminder I've emailed Alcanthang and should have tourney num soon...


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