Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday update

Thanks to all 22 players who showed up for last nights Brit Blogger game on Full Tilt and congrats to Matty on taking it down and winning the FTOP's Event 24 ticket! Good to see some new faces ( or avatars) too.Personally I played quite poorly and after letting Bam Bam catch a cheap set on me,I crashed out 15th when my AK soooted was no match for J10.Hope to see you all again next Sunday...

I've decided to change my attitude towards the game slightly and try and focus more on playing well and less on results.I've played enough turbo sngs now to realise they will always be soul sucking streaky high variance games.I also feel I've proven to myself I can beat low limit sngs and I can always go back to my old attitude and make $$ every month if my new outlook fails.

It's easy to write about thinking longer term and harder to actually feel that way though.I didn't play much at the weekend, but when I did it was suckout city and I lost about $100 overall.

I was temped to cheat a little,edit my annual stats post, and include that loss there to somehow fool myself into starting this week with a new clean slate for my new poker year.I've not done that and hopefully can lose some of my obsession over the short-term and start getting some volume in.For example if I played a couple of $22's and cashed in both I'd usually be tempted to quit for the evening.Afterall, I've played 12 hour sessions and lost before, so why not bank a quick win and go to bed happy? In some respects poker is a tough nasty game at times and playing a wee psychological trick like that on myself is probably not a bad idea at times.

I've also stayed up far too late, too often, chasing losses, because I know my game is good and it's only the crap end of variance that's kicked me in the junk.In a perverse way I've mentioned before how actually feel I can thrive on running badly and it makes me more determined than ever to keep to my best game and come out on top.Maybe that attitude has also helped me fend off the tilt monster, as there's no way if I'm running badly that I'd want to add to my losses by throwing money away too.

I do worry that a more carefree attitude to my roll may cost me some of that tilt control and focus, but hopefully that wont be the case and I can play a bit more freely.Time will tell...

I also wish there was a facility within poker site cashier pages to run sub-accounts, as I'd like to be able to ring fence part of my roll for taking more shots.My loose plan for this month is not to worry about actually making a profit, but to take more shots at higher games and not lose more than $1k in the process.

Ok,looking after my boy tonight,I'm off to Ibrox to watch Rangers again tomorrow evening and on Thursday night I'm over at the ex Mrs A's looking after Step A.

Before I go be warned to stay away from this shark if you come across him...

Back soon...


At Tuesday, 04 November, 2008, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I assume said shark sucked out on you bad? heh. I had a -6k guy last night call my all in with QJ for basically his entire stack. Brilliant.

I love the 22$ game. I think being more casual, at least for me, means quitting when I do not feel like playing.. that might be because I booked a solid win or I lost a few and am playing too loose..

As far as taking bigger shots what I have been doing is the 15$ 75-token races. I win them a fair amount of time and the 75-token allows for a pretty cheap shot at some good MTT action like the 40K or a Sat to the 750K. Really good value there IMHO.

GL. We seem to be doing the same types of things right now.

At Wednesday, 05 November, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

That particular fishy didn't get me.I just liked his stats!

I may have to try the $15 token races.Promised myself I'd play more mtt's this year and that's a good way to go about it.


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