Thursday, October 30, 2008

FTOPS Event 7 ticket up for grabs....

SirAlcanthang has come with the goods again on behalf of Full Tilt poker.First prize in this weeks Brit Blogger game will be an entry ticket to Full Tilts FTOPS Event 7 worth $109! The event will be hosted by Full Tilt pro,Ryan Daut, and the prize pool is $600k!

I've been too busy to play much poker this week.I managed to finish another set of bad beat ridden $22's on Monday night with a win and I won the only $22 I played on Tuesday evening after I got home from freezing my nuts off at the football.

Last night I was on taxi duty,picking up Step A after work and taking her and the ex Mrs A to the Cascada gig at Glasgow's Carling Academy.They both enjoyed it and the big hug I got from Step A made all the driving to and from the town well worth it.I only played a couple of games later on and busted out of my only $22 when my Queens were busted by Jacks.

I plan to fire up a quick annual stats only post for my own records tomorrow as the 31st marks the end of my fourth year of real money poker.I had also planned to write a quick summary of the last year..and I will get round to that!

I've just woken up after a quick 45 min nap.Time for dinner and if my cousin doesn't call soon re pool game it's poker time...



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