Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Daily Fail

I ditched a planned rant last week about the Halloween decorations put up around my office ( to add fun and joy to my day no doubt) as apparently, according to a happy go lucky fellow blogger, I was being a grumpy old man!

I'd dispute that title, but no wonder I like the occasional moan when the world is so full of crap.I don't know why I read the Daily Mail or Guardian online as they usually make my blood boil at the sheer nonsense they spout.Without getting political or into my views on drugs, here's a quote from the awful Melanie Phillips in the Mail under the headline "The shameful truth about the great drugs disaster".

She wrote that "The only reason cannabis use has gone down is that - appallingly - users have moved on to cocaine instead." Of course she has no evidence or stats of any kind to back up that idiotic statement.Reminds me of their frequent "Killer was on skunk weed" type headlines.Said killer is usually a schizophrenic, alcoholic, smack addict but hey he probably smoked a spliff once....

One more quick moan and this relates to workplace emails and not personal ones.Does anyone else feel when work emails are signed "Many Thanks" that the sender may aswell have written "GIRUY"? ( Get it right up ye) Acorn,Here's my big excuse as to why I can't deal with this ongoing customer nightmare.I've passed it back to yourself to deal.Many Thanks,Lazy Useless Tosser

Before I get to the poker I loved the yahoo homepage link to favourite George Bush quotes.He had obviously never played poker with Rosie before as one of his quotes was "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully." - Sept. 29, 2000 George Bush

To the tables and I had a decent night on Monday,winning a Party $22, a Stars $16 and scraping into the money in a $27.Last night I was at Ibrox to watch Rangers draw 3-3 with Dundee Utd before coming home later and playing just two turbos.In the first one on Party I won the first hand with AQ and was feeling good when the software froze.Bottom line is it was Partys fault and they were quick to refund my buy-in.( frustrating when sitting with chip lead but better than nothing)

For my second game I fired up a $38 turbo on Stars and crashed out 6th when I shoved A10 from the sb and was insta-called by the fish in the bb with A3.( 3 on flop obviously)

Tonight I'm watching the football ( come on Utd) and I'm babysitting tomorrow night.Back soon...

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