Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Dollar Rulz!

I had a fine evening over at the s-mans on Tuesday playing Quantam of solace on his PS3.I played four turbs before bed when I arrived home and didn't cash in any of them after running horribly yet again.

Last night I hit the tables after watching the Rangers game.We drew 0-0 and had yet another perfectly good goal ruled offside,this time by the same linesman who recently gifted our rivals a goal which actually was offside.Of course we should have taken some of the many chances we made too, but it's frustrating when inept officials cost us points again.

Maybe the focus on the phone-ins will move back to the football now after all the talk this week on about our rivals being the only club in the UK to hold a minutes applause ( instead of the tradtional silence) in remembrance of those fallen soldiers who lost their lives at war.The official line was that this is the new "celtc way", but the reality is that they knew a small minority of their scummiest fans would disrupt the silence with booing and catcalls.I try and stay away from commenting much on the intense rivalry between Rangers and celtc, but sometimes I despair at how pathetic a country Scotland can be.

My horrible poker run continued after the football.I had my QQ busted by 1010 rivering a 10 in my first game and that seemed to set the tone for more of the same.At least I know the sites aren't rigged as I had the same crappy luck on Stars and Party.Only a 2nd place finish in my final $33 at Party helped keep things respectable.

The good news is that the Pound falling to $1.50 against the Dollar has increased my roll by about $500 without me having to lift a finger.Nice to be up for the month when I'm not ahead at the felt!

I've also cashed out ( well I'm counting it as a cashout) $105 from Full Tilt to buy 2.75% of Amtay in a few live tournies.It's more than I've ever backed myself for in a game, but the boy has skills and if his luck holds, I reckon it's worth a punt.

Just back from a fine steak pie dinner at my Mum and Dads place.I had good fun helping my Mum win a $16 and hopefully she picked up a few useful tips too!

Ok,I was going to write a bit about focus but I think I've lost my concentration...

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