Saturday, November 08, 2008

Shaken all night long

Actually 4pm/9pm starting time for Brit Blogger..

Blogging almost seems to get tougher as I play more and more sngs.I lost $195 over 24 $16's last night and in the past I may have been tempted to rant about how badly I ran and how variance can be so unfair.It probably doesn't make for great reading but I didn't go to bed with a bloodied fist and feeling like crap.( mind you I was pretty wasted by 4.30am!) Having played over 3000 sngs on Stars I can just accept that last night was just one of those nights where nothing goes right.At one point I did actually win a game and was hoping to bounce back, but it wasn't to be.Even at $195 down it only takes a couple of wins/decent cashes to wipe that out and I'm actually quite pleased at how calm I feel about a standard night of the turbo long knives!

Of course maybe they flicked my doomswitch after I clicked Tools,Internet options,Programs,Manage add ons and then disabled the Pokerstars option.Apparently this stops them snooping about on your pc/laptop.( not that I'd be using Sharkscope when on Stars as they have rules about that!).I've no idea about how computers work.Does anyone have any idea if the above info is correct? ( not the doomswitch bit obviously!)

Back in June,July and August every night felt like last night and I suppose that experience has also helped toughen me up a bit.Hitting the one year mark and showing a decent overall profit has also boosted my confidence and makes it easier to keep a sensible perspective about a bad night.I'm also aware that top pro grinders wouldn't blink at a 500 game downswing let alone a bad run of 24 games! That's the kind of mindset required for turbos as they will suck your soul out if you let them.

I've always felt that even if I can't be as skilled as the best players,if I can bounce back from bad runs better than the average player then that would give me an edge.Four years into my real money online poker adventure and I now feel that I am a match for most players skillwise at my level and if I can keep my head in the right place too,there's no reason why I can't keep making some decent hobby wonga!

Ok,enough of that bollocks! I missed Dr Paulys PLO game last week due to the clocks going back ( doh!) but intend playing tonight.The Brit Blogger game is also on Full Tilt this Sunday at 9pm UK time.( 4pm est under Private tab).All are welcome to play in our Sunday turbo donkfest!

Here's are a couple of classic Chic Murray lines which made me smile...

There was a man standing stationary at a funeral, some 60 yards from the graveside.

"Who's that?"

"I'm not sure. I think he's a distant relative."

This man came home to find his wife in bed with three men. Hello! Hello! Hello!', he said. What!' said his wife. Are ye nae speaking tae me?'

Two more snippets I liked this week from the paper...

Someone in New York the other day got a flavour of the run-up to the presidential elections when he spotted a T-shirt on sale which stated: "So many righteous right-wing Christians.

"So few lions."

An American who arrived at Glasgow Airport was asked at immigration: "Occupation?"

"No," he replied. "Just visiting."

Ok,here's a wee tribute to Stars rng...

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