Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Ugly,Bad and the Good + Mthly Stats

First up I'm pleased to post this exclusive photo! Dudley's not been around for a few weeks but I think I've spotted him.I hope he's heading for Full Tilt to register for tonights Brit Blogger game...

If I only had normal luck I'd be stinking rich by now.MF may be joking, but we all know it's troooo!

Prepare to skim because here a just a few of last nights little beauties.My hand first and all losers...KK v QQ,K5 v J9 (late in game),JJ v 99,A6 v A4,1010 v 47 o/s,AK v AQ,55 v A10,AA v KJ,AK V AJ,KQ v K10,QK V Q10.Zzzzzz I know, but I feel better for getting them off my chest!

That was the bad and ugly.Thankfully despite bubbling in my last game of the night,I did quite well on Stars and won about $300 overall, including a $27,18 player win.I also played Dr Paulys PLO game and donked out quite early on.

To the monthly stats and after the month I've had I'm just grateful to be ahead at all!I've taken £100 out of Bet365 to cover my lads vet bill and may take out more to help towards Xmas .

The patient..

Party $2529 ( - $15),Pokerstars $8248 ( + $286),Full Tilt $730 ( + $2),Ladbrokes $423 ( + $50),Bet 365 £187/$285 ( + $14 at poker and less $153 cashout),Pokerroom $36 ( =).Total $12404 ( + $337 Nov 1st -Nov 30th).Total including cashout $12251.

With the pound gaining slightly against the Dollar I'm still debating withdrawing a big chunk of my roll.I don't like the idea of it sitting in my current account as somehow it wouldn't seem like part of my poker roll despite the fact I could re-deposit any time.I am disciplined enough to keep it separate from my household money and it would be earning interest at least so I probably will go down this route before the pounds gains too much.( Great advice over at Poker Pains as always!)

I've run badly recently and not lost thousands and even a 40 buy-in downswing at $55 is only just over $2k.I suppose I partly see my roll as savings and I also like having so much because if I do keep running as badly as I have in November,I'll still have enough to cover the bigger stuff next year like car expenses,holidays,Council tax etc.The vague plan of paying my car loan off at some point still appeals too.

Righty, time to take the patient up the road.More football,dinner and the Brit Blogger game are planned for later...



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