Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

I was in a great mood last night when I hit the tables after watching celtc lose again away from home in Europe.No wins from 18 away Champions League games and 1 point from a possible 54 made today a fine day at work too! As the song goes ( to tune of Yellow Submarine) " FU Celtc,you'll never win away"...

I managed a crashout and a 2nd place at Party $22's before moving to Stars and doing the same.( a 2nd and a bubble finish).I fancied a wee $33 on Party before bed, but there were none filling up and I ended up being tempted by a $55 turb instead....

The first thing I noticed at the $55 was that I was noticing things! I was only playing on one table ( easier than 2-4 tables ) and it made me realise how lazy I've become when playing my usual $16's and $22's.Some hands still make me stop and think, but the majority of the time I can play on auto-pilot at these games and there's not much thinking required.

Back to the $55 and here a couple of key hands I played.The main read I picked up early was that Alladin114 was most likely to be a fish based on the frequency of his preflop raises.He had raised most hands up until this point and had won with an uncontested continuation bet after every flop.

When he made his fishy min raise and I looked down to 88 I decided to just flat call and chose to check call the flop and turn, as I reckoned I was miles ahead and he would fold if I reraised.I felt I had to bet the river and when he used his full timebank before calling I reckoned I couldn't have squeezed anymore from him.( especially when I saw his hand!) Taken to Valuetown as the forum kids would say!

Not much to say about my exit hand.Just a bad beat.The good news was that I went to my bed excited by the poor standard on show at the $55 ( KJ V A3 soooted was one early all in preflop confrontations) and not gutted at crashing out.If I'm honest I think part of the reason for that was because I knew I was still up about $25 for the night even after that crappy $55.If I'd been $50 down and then lost the $55,I'm not so sure I'd have slept quite as soundly!

Ok,just back from a fine pub meal.Got a few calls to make and then time to hit the tables....

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