Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tea Time

I’ve had four cups of tea ( two green,one white and one ginseng) to wake me up today after I stayed up too late last night,gambling on being snowed in today.The town I stay in is set just above Glasgow and if it’s going to snow anywhere, it’s usually here.Not last night though.Hmmf!

I did arrive at work to some good news.The companies latest plan to reduce it’s costs and carbon footprint has finally meant an end to the sub tropical office temperatures we’ve had to endure for years.The thermometer will now be set at 21c and the the cool air blowers will come on at 24c.That should help me stay awake around 3pm when I could usually do with a nap.Good old global warming! Of course I already do my bit for the worlds carbon footprint by eating as many of those pesky methane emitting cows as possible.( cows along with the S-man and Al Eleven produce far higher emissions than cars every year).Make my steak medium please!

On the poker front it doesn’t feel like there’s much to report.I was 0/4 at Party last night before a win and 3rd place finish helped me back into profit by about $40.Although I’ve been staying away from the addictive super turbs at Full Tilt,I relented last night and took down the wee $7.50 I played before bed.

Not got much else today.It's probably about time I made my posts a bit shorter anyway...

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