Monday, December 22, 2008

Hokey Cokey

Ahhh where to start.... I could begin by putting my left leg in,my left leg out,doing the Hokey Cokey and shaking it all about,however an MSP ( Member of Scottish Parliament) ,Michael Matherson,has warned that "It's important that police and football clubs are aware of the sinister background to this song and take appropriate action against those who use it to taunt Catholics".Only in Scotland.Feckin' idiot needs a reality check.The world really has gone PC mad.

As I'm in rant mode, what about feckin teenagers? Step A has decided ( in all her naive wisdom) that their neighbours are actually nice people,despite them blowing up the ex Mrs A's car last year,slashing Step A's trampoline and lying to the police to try and get me and the ex into trouble.Grrrrrr!

Still,at least my work kindly contributed £20 towards the cost of our £18.95 Xmas dinner last Friday night at a fine Italian place in Glasgow.I only stayed for the meal and drunk a 1/2 pint of lager and a cola.I arrived at my work today to be told I owed £12 for the teams drinks.Did my generous carefree nature mean I happily handed over the £12 with a cheery smile, or did I let the organiser know what a feckin' rip off it was? Take a guess...

To the poker ( at last eh) and congrats to Betfare on taking down the Brit Blogger game.I'll hopefully have some news in the new year about some spice being added to the last Bloggy game of each month.Watch this space...

I watched a BigJoe vid on Sngicons before I began playing yesterday, and he said something that stuck with me about people not realising just how ridiculous the beats can get when grinding turbo’s.I also watched a Cardrunners vid where the guy was playing 40 tables at one time.The point was that he had played millions of hands and had graphs with break even blocks of 100k hands.Makes me feel better about running so poorly on Stars over recent months!

Classical music has been helping too.I think I read on Rossi’s blog about how he tunes into Classic Fm to help sooth the beats and it definitely seems to help keep me calm.I also used some of the Xmas money my parents gave me to buy a memory foam mattress topper and I wish I’d bought one years ago as I’ve never slept as soundly as I do now.

Ok,I really do intend to take a blogging break for a week or two.Have a great Xmas!

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At Wednesday, 24 December, 2008, Blogger James@StackTown said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from StackTown

Have a great holiday season

At Thursday, 25 December, 2008, Blogger Wildcat said...

Merry Xmas, and best of luck for 2008!

At Friday, 26 December, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks James and Wilcat.All the best to you both too.

At Wednesday, 31 December, 2008, Blogger Rot Weiss said...

Hey, Thanks for the mention. My first blogger tournament success!! Will try and give it a push on my blog.

Playing in such tournaments has really improved my game as I'm so scared off making any donk moves I really do try my best.

I feel a bit of a fraud sometimes as I know other people are multi-tabling and I'm sat there concentrating on one game. Still it was good to win one at last and really appreciate being able to play and learn from better players than myself.


At Friday, 02 January, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Rot,thanks for the comment! Any Blogger pimpage appreciated too mate.

A win is a win too,regardless of if other players choose to multi-table! Congrats again on taking it down and look forward to catching you at the felt again soon...


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