Friday, January 02, 2009

Super New Year....

With most of my friends being too distant,attached or flued up,I was left to bring in the new year with a couple of beers n smokes in the company of Nacho, an Irish guy,a Canadian and a German.It was great fun until just after midnight when I grew bored of their banter,knocked them all out, and took the $22 turbo down on Party...

I moved to Stars,took 3rd in a $16 and then took down a $27,18 man whilst supping my beer and chatting on the phone.

I remembered the US/Canadian blogger game,The Mookie,was on at 2am and decided a wee social game would be a decent way to round things off before bed.It's a $10 mtt and I bubbled the final table after shoving A9 from the button and running into rockets.Good chat and good times though!

Yesterday evening I was over at my parents for dinner before the s-man came over with his PS3 for an evening of "COD 5 Nazi zombies" and some more "Resistance 2:Fall of Man".I used to love Half-Life on the PS2 and didn't think much they could improve much on it, but Resistance 2 is simply phenomenal.One day I may even have to buy my own PS3...!

After the s-man left I played a $33 at Party and took it down before hitting the sack.I've had Pokertracker 3 for weeks now and have finally been able to get the HUD ( heads up display) working for my sngs.The stats part of PT still seems screwed up when it comes to reporting sng profits and I'm not sure how to fix it.It shows me as coming 3rd in that $33 I took down and even postion "0" for some games!! Very odd.Still,at least the HUD works and I also have a proper record of every hand played.

I'm not going to review 2008 other than to say the trip to Manchester for the UEFA Cup final,some fantastic weekends and the Full Tilt Million Dollar cash game jaunt in Sept were the highlights for me.

As "super" seems to be the in word with the forum kiddies ( super thin bet,super early,super feckin' everything)I'm off to have a super day.....

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At Saturday, 03 January, 2009, Blogger Nick said...

Happy New Year Sir -may all your opponents be fish.

Super fish.

At Saturday, 03 January, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers HG.All the best to you too mate.

Super fish eh? Is that a level? ( latest forum kiddie term I've picked up!)


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