Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cashed out: Gulp!

I didn't expect to post today, but I've finally taken the plunge and cashed out enough to pay off the remaining three years of my car loan and as it's my largest ever cashout ( aprox £6.5k or nearly $10k)I thought it was worth a post.Thanks to Mark over at Pokerpains for the excellent advice posted recently re exchange rates.

In some respects I'm a bit disappointed in myself that I don't have enough gamble in me to have used my roll to try and speculate to accumulate a little more.With $13k I could have had a proper go at the MTT scene or played far more $55 + sngs.If I was 21that's probably the route I would have gone down, but in all honesty if I blew $13k playing higher,I don't think I'd ever have forgiven myself.Continuing to play mainly $16's on Stars and $22/$33's on Party was never going to require a $13k bankroll and leaving it online earning no interest seemed daft too.

I've not played that much since the start of the year and have still managed to get back to even on Stars and make a few hundred on Party this month so far.My new bankroll is probably still fine for the levels I'm at and if I can ( hopefully) keep winning I'll still have enough to pay for things like my car insurance/season ticket etc in a few months.

Ok,new bankroll stats are : Pokerstars $1250 ( - $7k cashout),Party $2198 ( - $1.5k),Full Tilt $167 ( - $500),Bet365 £4( - £200),Ladbrokes $0 ( - $417),Pokerroom $108.

Total $3723

After yesterdays post pic I thought I'd better even things up with one for the ladies.Back soon...

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At Wednesday, 07 January, 2009, Blogger Gavin said...

Nice one mate.
If I blew $13k I don't think I could forgive myself either and your roll is still 5 times as big as mine.
Fair play and good luck

At Thursday, 08 January, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done on cashing out!


At Thursday, 08 January, 2009, Blogger Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Sweet sassy molassey. Good news, man.

At Thursday, 08 January, 2009, Blogger Hairy Gymnast said...

You can buy the Gers a new centre forward now!!

In fact you could probably buy three..

At Friday, 09 January, 2009, Blogger Doomswitch said...

I think that tilt post may just have helped. Fired up 6 $3 45 manners and managed to get two wins for a nice end to the night! Hopefully the luck will turn for yourself also before too long...

At Friday, 09 January, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers lads.

Jeez ,you know your football team is in trouble when a Spurs fan starts taking the pish...!


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