Saturday, January 03, 2009

Focked Up

I could slap myself today after my donkery last night at the tables.I made a good start on Party,3-4 tabling and winning a couple of hundred dollars quite quickly at the $22's.I also enjoyed watching the PDC World darts and nearly jumped out my seat when Barney hit that nine dart finish.( darting perfection,see clip!) Hopefully it will be a Barney v Taylor final again and another classic like last year.

I could have gone to bed happy with my evenings profit, but volume is the key and I logged into Stars and fired up a few $16's.After a decent start to '09 on Stars,I was hoping I could build on that, however the poker gods had other ideas and before long all the lost races and flips left me pissing into the wind again.I managed to pull back a hundred or so and should have gone to bed at that point.

Instead I fired up some more and allowed all my frustrations to boil over.I was well up at Party.How dare this joke of a site ( Stars) keep pounding me into the dirt like this! Maybe it was greed too which pushed me over the edge a bit.I always go on about seeing my bankroll total figure as not being set in stone.The turbo swings mean even a winning player will always have peaks and troughs on an overall upwards looking graph.I think I'd mentally banked all my winnings over the last few days and was in no mood to run badly and see my overall profit figure reduced.

I had decided over Xmas that I am going to pay off my car loan with poker profits and that most of it will come from my Stars account.( 6.5k from Stars,1k from Party and another 1k from Ladbrokes/Ipoker is the rough plan, leaving me just over 4k online)

Several times last night I had my finger hovering over the submit button on the cashier page ready to remove every last cent from my account there.Instead I donked off about $150 at $16,$27 and $38's to leave me about $300 down on Stars for the night.Lowlights were raising with A3 from the button and insta-calling a shove from the bb and getting it in with KQ v several raises in a multi-way pot.Add a couple more horror plays like that and you get the picture.

As mentioned I was up a couple of hundred from Party and I've gone to bed before and slept soundly having lost a lot more than $100 over a session.I don't tilt often though, and I think knowing that made me even more angry at myself for letting my emotions slip.Nobody says its a fair game and that so-called justice will prevail.I know that and yet I played like a whiney self-pitying asshoooooole.( also enjoyed watching "Meet the Fockers" again after the darts!)

On the upside I didn't start four tabling the $1000 turbs and when I do play the $38's again, I'll hopefully manage to confound a few of the "huge donk" notes I'm sure the regulars will have on me! Yeah,it was all meta-game and range balancing tactics....

Apparently there's a programme on tv soon about who the tightest person in Britain is.I reckon we could all learnt from Gareth.There's a man who knows how to spoil the lady in his life.Good to see that she was suitably grateful.....

"Some of the other stars of the programme are Gareth Taylor, a farmer in his mid-50s from Yorkshire, who bought his wife, Wendy, her first ever Christmas present - from him at least - last year. It was a chainsaw. He said their fuel bills were getting so big that she could make herself useful by chopping down trees to put on the fire. Her response, 'I was so stunned I didn't know what to say. But I was a bit chuffed too. I've never ever got a present from him before.' "

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At Sunday, 04 January, 2009, Blogger Hairy Gymnast said...

The darts is fantastic - I've been hooked for the last fortnight.
I fancy Taylor to win tonight - but if he dips, Barney could nick it. Should be a cracker!

I don't live too far from Ally Pally, and might go next year - but don't really fancy acting like an idiot when the camera is on me.

At Monday, 05 January, 2009, Blogger Ukgatsby said...

Happy New Year
gl gl for 09


At Tuesday, 06 January, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I can see you waving your "" placard about...! Pity the final was so one-sided eh.

Thanks Paul.Good luck to you too for '09.


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