Friday, February 20, 2009

Skates On

I played in the RTR challenge game on Tuesday evening as planned and it provided a welcome break from the usual grind.Aside from winning a small pot with a set in a blind v blind battle,I was completely card dead throughout and ended up shoving A3 from late postion,running into AQ and crashing out 6th.Congrats to Bully on taking it down and also to Dudley ( Resdent Evil) who managed to make the money despite his preflop raise button failing to work.( hehe)

Two Pies was over on Wednesday night to watch Rangers win 4-0 in the cup and to play some more Resistance 2.Last night it was the s-man who was over for some Half-Life 2 action and he also helped me register my ps3 and get it online.Watch out for top gamer, Stinkyp1nky, wandering around aimlessly firing at thin air whilst getting pwned by 10 yr olds shouting “pussy faggot”.

I was looking for ice skates for Step A online earlier and came across this gem.Yep,customers who bought ice skates also bought a bag...and a dart board! "Torvill,you require forty"....

Back to the poker geekery and here's one that was so close I thought it was interesting.It folded to me in the small blind and I shoved my 88.The result shouldn't influence the decision, but when he hit his Ace, it felt like I'd made a big mistake.If I played it again I think it's a marginal fold.

Back soon..

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At Saturday, 21 February, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Acorn, a fellow pocketfiver and rangers fan from glasgow here. My mate plays $22's speed sng's on party and i was wonsering why you dont play more tables at the same time? Enjoying your blog keep


At Sunday, 22 February, 2009, Blogger Nick said...

Interesting hand.
With the two shorties, it's a very marginal play as you say.
The call with A7 was awful, so I'm guessing he didn't have great stats previously - and showed he was capable of calling light??
In that case, it probably is a fold - a tough one though!

Against a decent player, I think it is an insta-shove. What do you think?

At Sunday, 22 February, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Hi Kid,thanks for stopping by.Top of the league and they're no!

Good question re playing more tables.I tried moving too quickly to 8-12 tables on Stars and ran/played badly so I've stuck to between 2-6 at a time for now.Getting PT3 with a HUD has certainly helped though.Sore wrists and not being able to roll a nice smoke when playing more than 4 tables are factors too! ( plus being an old git at 36 probably doesn't help!).

Nick,I can't recall the villains exact stats but giving him an 18% calling range there seemed about right and means it was a really close decision either way.Agree totally that it's an easy shove against someone with a fold button!

At Sunday, 22 February, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Acorn, i play mtt's on party although my mate TMG_4U grinds the $22's, plays 2000-3000 a month usually, not sure if you have played with him.


At Sunday, 22 February, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Played with him? It's hard to avoid Mr TMG :-) Got nearly 1500 hands together.Very good reg and a pro I assume.

That's also a bit spooky cos I replied to his post on p5's just a couple of hours ago!

Just tried 8 tables and it was like bashing moles with a mallet.( doon $50 too).Gonna try 6 at the felt Kid.

At Monday, 23 February, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He said he was playing with you the other day, hes on a big downswing/ break even spell so hes not very happy at the moment.



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