Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Live Game

On Monday night I didn't play one hand of poker and instead got stuck into Resistance 2 on my new PS3.I did watch a couple of sngicons training vids and both Spacegravy and Kenny05's vids were excellent.Kenny05 is on a downswing at the moment and I actually found it quite comforting to check Sharky and note that although he's up over $200k from sngs,he's down about $5k over his last 600 odd games.Variance really is a biatch.Even for one of the worlds best!

Last night I grabbed a roll + burger in batter and a roll n chips after work.I listened to a bit of the football phone-in and then headed to the Wabash club in Glasgow for some live poker action.It was my first live game in a poker club for quite a while and although I didn't cash,I really enjoyed the experience.

Including rebuys the game cost me just over £20 and I certainly felt I got my moneys worth.For quality trip reports see High on Poker or other fine blogs.My memory isn't good enough! I do recall raising from the sb with A3 when I thought the action had folded to me,only to realise the utg player had limped.I made a straight on a 2 4 5 7 board and had visions of raking a big pot until the utg player showed 68....

I ran 88 into QQ after that before sucking out bigtime with 99 v kk.A king fell on the flop and I was almost out the door before I realised I'd hit a fluke flush on the river to win.I lasted a few more orbits before raising from late position with 10c8c.The board was Kc Qc Js and I led out with my draws.The guy on my left struck me as a pretty competent player and I wasn't happy when he called my continuation bet and another Jack fell on the turn.I reckoned he would have raised a King or Queen on that flop and could very well have spiked trip jacks on the turn.That didn't stop me shoving most of the rest of my stack in and losing a big pot when my draws failed to hit v J10.

Overall I don't think I played great poker but I'm glad I made the effort and went along.It's so easy after a long day at work to just want to sink into the sofa and do nothing other than surf the net/play poker.

At Xmas I had my sister and Mum lecturing me ( obv just looking out for me) about getting myself more of a social life.It's certainly not so easy when your single.The ex Mrs A and I had a few other couples we used to see on a semi-regular basis whom I don't see anymore.Other friends moved away or lost touch.I've always preferred having a few close friends rather than a large group of aquaintances.

When I was younger there was always a mix of male/females in my group and I never hung out with a load of other lads and got into the pub scene.( clubs n raves maybe but not pubs) Standing in a crowded place unable to hear myself or friends,drinking over-priced alcohol has never really appealed to me.Give me a nice smoke and somewhere social to enjoy it with my friends any day.I should have been born in Amsterdam!

I don't think I'm particularly anti-social although I do find parties full of strangers can be quite toe curling experiences.Perhaps it's because I'm not great with small talk.I like to cut to the chase and get through the bs.That's probably why poker appeals to me so much.The cards speak and the rest is just waffle.

Anyways enough waffle for one day.Back soon...

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At Friday, 13 February, 2009, Blogger Donkey Face said...

I understand a lot of what you say.

Some of my friends like going to expensive bars and standing around sipping overpriced drinks. You often can't talk. So I just get bored. And then they tell me to hang in there when I say I'm going home for a quick tug and bit of poker. I sometimes prefer just to not bother going out as a result. But then I get the problem of approaching 20 with no sight of the future Mrs Edge to nurse me into old age.

At Saturday, 14 February, 2009, Blogger Mr Origami said...

Battered last an educated man!!! ;)

At Friday, 20 February, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Ship the hamburger supper Mr O!


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