Thursday, March 05, 2009

Da Variance Biatch

A recent poker training video mentioned not constantly checking the cashier/account page when grinding and instead simply keeping the focus on making the right decisions.The theory being that this helps prevent tilt and short term thinking.

The bad news for me is that despite finding the "hide cashier" button on Party,I still check my balance after almost every game.Ideally, I'd like to be able to not check it for weeks at a time and hopefully be pleasantly surprised when I do.When I'm four tabling sng's I do see my buy-ins as money spent and this allows me to play unhindered by any thoughts of crashing out.It does still play on my mind a little that if I'm four tabling $33's I have around £90 in play.£90 would pay for my broadband,phone,mobile and cable tv package every month so it's not exactly a meaningless sum to me.

I wrote about being a bit more "baller" a few weeks ago and I think that helps when it comes to not worrying about money in play or having a losing night.I don't panic anymore if I do lose 10 buy-ins after a particularly bad session because although it hurts,I know my winning sessions have more than made up for those losses in the past.Don't get me wrong,despite pretty decent sngs stats my confidence still gets affected at times after a poor run of games.Am I playing my best game? What is my usual default move in this situation? Are the games suddenly too tough to beat? Will I ever win again? All those questions are hard to answer when running very badly.

When posting about winning say 4/6 sngs or winning 5 in a row my aim is not to brag or to try and convince anyone other than myself that if I'm on my game, any losing streak will come to an end and I'll keep making money overall.Having hit a variance wall of well over a 1000 games at Stars last year ,I'll use every trick in the book to try and keep myself playing well, because if my playing standards slip then I may never get back to winning ways no matter how the variance biatch is treating me.

Ok,back soon...

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At Thursday, 05 March, 2009, Blogger dD said...

lol i'll take yer stats anytime mate !!
snappin at yer heals though :) in a few years, maybe :)



At Thursday, 05 March, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me to please. ;-)

Enjoyed catchin up the last weeks blogging fella as well. Keep up the good work and remember you know who the queens real 11 are!!
Theyre gonna stuff Arsenal on TV this sunday ;-) (NOT) LOL.

At Friday, 06 March, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers lads!

I'll be heading out to the Gers game just after Burnley game kicks off.Gl although there's no doubting which game her Majesty will be more interested in!!


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