Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekend Recap

I did squeeze a few turbos in on Saturday night before the lads arrived and it seemed like I’d never get a hand to hold or hit again.( hence the edited monthly stats) The Big Chap arrived first around 7.30-ish and watched as I crashed out of one game after another before the s-man and San Jose Salmon showed up about 8-ish and one mighty fine smokin’, drinkin’ session began.

Ordering a food delivery and replying “heavy sprinkles” when asked if I’d like salt n vinegar on our battered sausages and fries seemed quite amusing at the time, although having my A10 scudded by the SJS and his Q3 in a wee poker tourney we played later felt like being back at Party and wasn’t funny at all! The SJS took down both £5 games we played with a display of dubious donkery not seen since…. his last visit! It was a truly great night and I only wish the SJS and Big Chap lived a bit nearer so we could repeat it on a more regular basis.

The Big Chap was staying over ( hopefully he didn’t keep Nacho awake with his snoring) and I fired up a couple more turbs when the SJS and s-man headed off around 4am.It probably shows just how fishy Party is that I’d been smokin’ da herb for about 11 hours by this point and still managed to take down a $33 to finish the night off.

I hit the sack just after 5.15am and was up at 1pm to watch the football and see the Big Chap off. I was then lucky enough to catch a classic game between Athletico Madrid and Barcelona which produced some cracking goals and a 4-3 win for the Madrid side.

Later I also played a couple of $22’s before the Brit Blogger game and didn’t cash in either game .Next up I fired up Full Tilt ,took my seat at the Blogger game and was then totally baffled by Mr Cloud telling me in the chat that I was in the wrong Brit Blogger game! For some reason two had been set-up and I managed to jump into the other one too before registration closed .As joint host of the game I’m happy to offer a sincere apology for any confusion. If anyone would prefer a heartfelt apology just let me know…

Thanks to all 66 who showed for the main game and to those who made the same mistake as me and played in the other one too. The s-man made it into the 65 player main game too with his excellent “Yerabawbag” name. I’m not sure that most of the US/Canadian players at our table knew that "baw" means "ball" in Glasgow and his name translates as “You’re a ball bag”.His “sookraboaby” name on Stars isn’t bad either…..

I shoved AQ sooted into KK in the main game to exit in 50th positon and AQ off into AK in the smaller game to go out early too. Both were standard speed which it also took me until just before I crashed out to realise due to tiredness and the many herbal smokes I’d consumed! All goot though and congrats to Shabazz Jenkins on taking the main game down.

After my outstanding Brit Blogger success I hit the Party $22’s,began poorly and soon found myself down more a few more buy-ins after my first set of four games.It may be the long run which counts but I was glad to finish off by winning 4/6 of the last $22’s I played before bed.

Back soon...

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At Tuesday, 03 March, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was an excellent night. Its been a while since we've seen such troutery!

Enjoyed the Bloggerment game as well, but was v. tired (my excuse) and my first online game in over a year I think....

BTW, my word verification for this comment is OMPOO. Is this a new kind of crap?


At Wednesday, 04 March, 2009, Anonymous burnleymik said...

Still killing those sng's? I am on a break even stretch right now and the variance is mind cripplin!

Gl mate hope you run good!


At Thursday, 05 March, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

As in I was dealt a ton of ompoo hands last night? Maybe s-man!

Still making wonga BM,mainly on Party these days.After nearly 4k in 18 player games I've decided I quite like the single table ones!
Mind cripplin' is putting it mildly when running like crap.At one point on Stars I swear I only needed to think of the one outer the villain required and it would fall! Fcuk the variance biatch!! Gl mate.


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