Friday, March 27, 2009

1000th Post:Reality of Running Badly

Ok,as promised I have decided to reward my dedicated readers with a self-indulgent running like crap post.No paragraphs as I want it to be as painful to read as the hands were to play! These are just a sample of life at the turbos recently.

I was off work on Monday and after PS3 sessions on Fri+ Sat,I decided Sunday night was for poker and hit the turbos tables after losing a flip in the Blogger game.As I've been running like crap I loaded up some $12 ,180 player turbs to start with and played 17 without cashing in any of them.In the first game I got it in with 88 v AK,AQ and KQ.King on flop.In the next game I shove KQs from the cut off and the button snap calls with KK.Out.Next I shove A5,get called by Q10 and the 10 hits on the river.At 200/400 in the next game I shove AQ,get called by K4sooted and he obviously rivers a flush.I still had time to shove my remaining 600 chips in with JJ and ran into QQ.AQ loses to J10 in my next game when the villain rivers a straight after the money went in on a Q high flop.AQ loses to A9 in the next game crippling my stack before my 77 fails v AK to knock me out.JJ falls to the mighty K6sooted all in preflop in the next disaster before I run A5 into JJ ( nice to lose to a better hand for a change) in the next one.I actually make it to 400/800 blinds in the next game and shove A10d from mid position..into Aces.Remaining chips in that game go in with A5s v QK.Queen on flop.Next I shove A2 from the cut off and the button snap calls with A6.Possible split pot? Nope,6 on flop.KK goes down to AJ next ( Ace on turn)and shortstacked in a new game I shove K2,get called by J9 and obviously a 9 comes on the turn.Run AQsooted into QQ in the next game and fire up some $16's too.In the $16 I check A10s in the bb.Flop comes 10 4 9.Mr Q9 leads for the pot,I reraise,he flats and calls my bigger turn bet too.River is a Queen and I don't get away from my tptk.Short in another $12,180,I shove K10 and run into AJ in the blinds,run A4 into AJ next and then have KK busted again,this time by A10.( two aces on flop just to make sure).I shove J10sooted in a $16 next at 200/400 and lose when snapped off by AQ.It's one of those "unexploitable shoves" next in a $12 as I push A2 in the small blind...into 88 in the big blind.In the next game my 77 loses to QQ for half my stack and the other half goes when AK loses to A5.By this time I'm just grateful the 5 came on the flop to put me out of my misery early in the hand!In the next $16 I run QQ into KK and 88 with 88 obviously spiking the 8 to win.Presto isn't gold for me as it loses to 33 in my next $16.Another sickener.AJ loses to KJ in the next game for half my stack and the other half loses with Q8s to 33.AK goes down to K8 in the next $16 sending me out 4th ( just in the money).HU in another $16 I shove K6sooted into AK.Those were most of the games I played.I did manage a few cashes and restricted my losses to $88 for the evening.Previously on Party ( 9 man $22 turbs) here's how I've been running this month.AK into KK,AJ loses to 33,AQ into AK,3 handed at 400/800 I shove K8 and run into QQ,shove K4 into Q10 in a blinds battle next and he makes his straight.44 into 55 on the bubble of another was a lovely kick in the nuts,followed by AK losing to A8 in the next game.88 into AA for another bubble finish was next followed by AJ losing to Q7 and then A10 falling to J9.( yet another bubble finish).AK to 1010 next is standard and by now totally expected and when I bubble again after running QK into AK ( sb into bb) I give the kiss of life to the penguin I killed earlier just so I can kill it again.My own AK goes down to 66 and KQ in the next game before my 88 is beaten by good old big slick in the next turbo.AK loses to A8s ( 8 on flop) next and my QKsooted runs into Aces in another new game.I try not to get disheartened when my AQs loses to the mighty 96d all in preflop next and try not to think what a feckin set up it is when I bubble again after shoving K2 from the small blind at 200/400 into Ak in the big blind.20 dollars to the first three readers who comment on this post with only the words nobody runs as badly as you.Transfer to stars or tilt,AQ obv loses to 1010, it's a flip and I don't win them,before AK loses to 99 in my next game.( bubble again obv).HU I shove 77 and A10 rivers the 10.Nice to cash though.77 into JJ next and then KK loses to J10 in the first hand of the next game.That's another $22 down the drain.AQ obv loses to KJ next and then AK doesn't hit v 1010 for another exit.I shove K10 at 200/400 and get called by QJ.Q on flop and turn.Next I shove A4 at 300/600,get snap called by K2 and yes the King fell on the flop.3 left in the next game,I shove AKs,get called by AhJs.Board comes 4h 2s 7h.Turn is 6h and river obv is 5h.A10 into QQ late in next game sees me crash out before my Aces are busted by good old K6sooted next.Of course it's AK into AA on the bubble of another one before I bubble yet again when my AQs shove is called by 22 and I fail to hit.It's A10 all in pre v QJ next and I had to love the JJA flop,Queen on the turn and the Jack to give him quads on the river.Soooperb.A5 beaten by QJ was next up in the lost race stakes and I once again ran AQ into QQ to go out of the next $22 I played.I have cashed in enough games and made enough from my Party points bonus ( $150) to mean I'm ( at time of writing on 23/3) down about $250 for the month.Looking at the above perhaps I should be grateful it's not more.

I hope that was as worthwhile for you as it was for me....

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At Friday, 27 March, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a verse from War and Peace. Winning ways will return.

At Saturday, 28 March, 2009, Blogger Steve H. said...

I'm up to almost 250 posts and I know how much hard work goes into blogging. Well done on the first 1000 and good luck for the next 10,000 Have a good weekend buddy.

At Saturday, 28 March, 2009, Blogger Nick said...

nobody runs as badly as you

At Saturday, 28 March, 2009, Blogger Mr Origami said...

Dammit, Nick beat me...jesus, my eyes are bleeding!!!

This is the best post I have ever read lol

At Sunday, 29 March, 2009, Blogger rubbish said...

Lol, obviously put the nobody runs as bad as you line in just to see if anyone is still reading.


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