Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Royal Flush

My colleagues and I have just been offered a years salary upfront to leave the company at the end of this month.My first thought was that giving up a well paid job ( for what I do) in the middle of the worst recession in years would be complete madness.My second thought was that life is too short to spend years stuck in an office job dealing with complaints all day and I should take this chance to try something new.If I already had a degree I'd jump at the chance to do a years post-graduate teacher training and have a go at the career I really wanted to get into when I was younger.

Of course if I didn't have Nacho and close family and friends around I could take the money and sit on a beach in Thailand and play poker for a few years or even stay on these shores and give the pokey a real go.If I make it to old age I'm never going to look back and think "I wish I'd spent more time as a cog in the corporate machine",that's for sure.Despite that we only have this evening to decide, and although I'll give it some more thought, I don't see me taking the plunge.

I've been feeling a bit pokered out over the last couple of weeks.The good news is that I've reviewed every sng exit hand over my recent/current downswing and the vast majority were the nasty suckouts and basic "running bad" stuff I expected to see, with a few daft shoves and silly calls thrown in.Watching hand after hand in the replayer actually made me laugh at how sick and unnatural the downside of variance can be.

A run like that also affects confidence and I'm probably not the most self assured person at the best of times.Although I've put in a lot of games and studying, I'm still constantly surprised that I find myself in the small percentage of players who beat the game for profit.It's probably sad to say, but apart from being a decent salesman in my day,I've never particularly excelled at anything.I'm a decent pool player, but not great, and I was never much of a footballer or any good at other sports.There's no degree of any sort on my cv and I'm crap at everything from woodwork to sewing!

I am however half decent at poker.Otherwise how would I ever have been dealt this hand..Royal baby!

The villain was loose and I was pretty sure I was ahead of his range.

Ok,back soon...



At Wednesday, 18 March, 2009, Blogger Mike & Louise Saban said...

Good Luck, with whatever you decide.

I suspose if its a cushy number now, its not going to remain that way if half of your work mates decide to jump ship, on the other hand if you have outstanding debts then its very risky leaving a guranteed income, then again would you get this offer again if the company hits the wall. Massive decision, I'm not sure which way I would go.But like I say goodluck with whichever way you choose.


At Wednesday, 18 March, 2009, Blogger Gavin said...

This isn't going to help at all but you need to stop sewing wood. It just doesn't work. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.


At Thursday, 19 March, 2009, Blogger Mike Smith said...

Indeed - my best wishes to you whatever decision you make.

At Friday, 20 March, 2009, Blogger AllanDuke said...

Take the money and run


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