Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time Attack

The s-man was over on Monday night and he brought a UFC game with him.( for the PS3).We spent 10 minutes on the tutorial and then abandoned that for a couple of furious button mashing scraps.( 1-1!) We did have time for a few Motorstorm races too and managed to rack up a few more ranking points. We've made it to Gold Veteran status but our "time attack" times are still about 5-6 seconds behind the best players. Looking online there are actually forums, youtube vids and plenty of rivalry between players who play the ranked games ( racing up to 11 others) and the time attack guys who race alone ( usually following the best time ghost) to set lap records. There are maps available to show when to use your "boost" more efficiently and a ton of discussion on technique, workable short-cuts,game glitches etc.The s-man and I just like to fire up a game and play.

Where’s this going? Well to draw a poker analogy , if you ever wonder how on earth some players make the plays they do then my guess would be that these guys/gals just like to sit down, fire up a poker game and play. They probably don’t read poker books, forums or blogs and couldn't care less about roi/hourly rate or how many bbs/100 they are up or down this week/month/year. They may take great pleasure in hitting their two outer in the same way I enjoy it when my Monster truck generates a lovely crunching sound as it rolls over the motorbikes of the more serious contenders, but overall they’re probably losing players. That 2 outer buzz is probably a major factor in keeping them in the game and for that ( and all the fish) we should be grateful.

Last night I was at Ibrox to witness what was probably the worst result Rangers have ever had in Europe . We lost 4-1 to the Romanian champions and two own goals, a deflected free kick goal and two own goals can’t hide the fact it was a pathetic spineless performance.I was more angry at the lack of character being shown by the team than the poor quality of their play.There was some booing after the fourth goal went in and while I could understand my fellow supporters frustration I think booing while the game is still being played is almost like a form of poker tilt. It may help release some of the pent up frustration felt by the individual fan but it’s not going to help the team actually improve on the pitch.In fact if anything it can only serve to lessen the confidence of the players which in turn leads to more mistakes and poor play.

Anyway to try and finish on a slightly happier note I've mentioned before that fellow car drivers failing to use their indicators makes my blood boil.On the other hand I do love it when the cars coming towards me on the other carriageway are flashing their lights,I slow down and over the next hill is a policeman waiting with his speed gun.

Back soon....

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At Wednesday, 21 October, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didnt take Lafferty long to open his european account ;-(


At Thursday, 22 October, 2009, Anonymous David said...

I am not sure what the deal with Rangers is but they have the team to do so much better in Europe. Historically they have underperformed and maybe its hard for them to shake this. They should be the team to challenge the Milans, Barcelonas and Bayern Munichs. They shouldn't be losing to these types of teams.

At Friday, 23 October, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

For 3.8 Mill he'd better start scoring at the right end from now on Bully!

I'd laugh if it hadn't been such a feckin nightmare Boylaz!

Agreed on that David but until we escape the Scottish league or get investment from some rich sugar daddy I can't see things improving greatly in the near future.


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