Sunday, September 20, 2009

Played with Wurld's Number Onest Sicko!

My cousin Two Pies came back to mine after our trip to Kilmarnock to watch the Gers draw 0-0.We played some Motorstorm,watched a ton of football on the box and later in the evening Two Pies was happy to watch as I hit the tables.

I felt like a change of pace from turbo sngs and opted to play in the Stars $55,$80k gtd and the $11 mtt ( $15k gtd I think) too.I've not played a $55 since I cashed $4.2k for a 5th place in one last July and the first few levels were so slow I remembered why I play turbo's.

As the post title is not " I won $$$!!!" you've probably guessed there's no tale of glory from either game.I did find it quite amusing that after moaning in yesterdays blog about the dozens of monotonous " x is such an ill sicko" threads on P5's that I should end up playing at the same table as Shaun Fucking Deeb in the $80k.I'm sure the worlds number one ranked Mtt player was bricking himself at facing the mighty Zagga and it wasn't long before he donked out in a face saving move to avoid the embarrassing pwnage which was coming his way.( I really don't need to add a wink or a smiley there do I?!)

I was down to one table when my 1010 fell to 77 in the $11 game ( no cash for finishing 653rd!) and after making the money in the $80k I opened out my game a little to try and add to my stack and give myself a chance of making the final table and cashing big.When I picked up Aces ( I had 20bb) with blinds at 500/1000 I joked with Two Pies that I'd better check the lobby to see where I was going to finish when they were busted....which of course they were when 99 spiked a 9 on the flop.218th from over 2000 starters aint bad but I needed a short break from the felt after that hand to let that sick feeling in my stomach pass.The only minor consolation was that I cashed for $103 but sadly three cashless $16's later soon ate that profit.

It was back to the Party $22's and $33's to finish and a couple of cashes mean I'm still sitting up a few hundred dollars over about 50 games there this month.I mentioned yesterday that I'm sometimes reluctant to grind a ton due to the fear of running badly and hitting another huge downswing.I listened to a 2+2 podcast the other day and one of the young hotshots said that he was running badly and his solution was to play more games.To non poker players that would probably seem like he was chasing his losses but his quite sensible logic was that he's a winning player and the only playing more volume helps ride out any short-term luck as skill will always win through in the end.I like that thinking.

Only one more week at work before I'm off for two weeks.Still no new talk of sabbaticals at my work and I've been tempted to raid the poker roll to grab a few days in the Dam or even a week away in the sunshine.The Dam is so expensive though that I'll probably just enjoy two weeks worth of long lies,lazy days and taking a break from posting here.

Back soon...( song is actually by Malcom McLaren not the Pistols though it's from the Great Rock n Roll Swindle film)

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At Thursday, 24 September, 2009, Blogger dD said...

who is shaun fucking deeb lol

the sicko thing is that fucking draw against Killie ffs

where are we playing this weekend, i'm in ek this weekend :)




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