Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Knowing Me,Knowing You

I didn't play a hand on Monday night and last night managed to play six $22's without cashing.I didn't run well but probably didn't play that well either.One of my main leaks is that I'm terrible at folding big hands preflop even when I know I'm beaten and last night was no exception.I raised QQ from early position at the start of the game,faced a reraise from a random ( not a known player to me) and a flat call from a tight regular which just screamed Aces.I shoved over the top and didn't hit my 2 outer v KK and the inevitable AA.Doh!

As I was playing I came across an interesting thread on 2+2 about Party sng regulars changing their screen-names.I didn't even know it was possible, although it makes perfect sense as a number of $22/$33 regulars seem to have simply vanished from the scene.I do my poker homework (usually watching training vids) and spent an hour the other night simply checking Sharkscope stats and adding notes next to players already in games.All that work is is probably a waste of time if they're constantly changing.I do feel a bit exposed too knowing that other regulars probably know my game and I'm treating them as unknown randoms.I may only play a couple of hundred games per month but I have over 4k hands on some players so I assume some of them know me.

One advantage of playing on Party is that I can select where to sit in any particular game.Usually when a game fills the first few regulars to register always sit as far from each other as possible,preferring to have random fish on their immediate left or right.It's frustrating to know that those random fish could easily be top regulars who have simply changed names since I last played them.

I still think the Party $22's are quite soft, but now that I know the option is available I'm wondering if I should change my own screen name.Information is knowledge in poker and although I like to think I deviate enough from the ranges other regulars would expect me to be playing often enough to stop my play from being too predictable, flying completely under the radar could be a huge advantage.( well maybe not huge but any additional edge is always welcome).I'm not sure if there's an option on the screen or I'd need to email Party with an decent excuse to get my name changed.Of course my poker ego wouldn't like having to start over re Sharkscope stats but their coverage is so poor ( 80% and they've now missed at least six first place finishes) that I shouldn't let that affect my decision.

Not got much else today.Looking forward to watching Scotland play Holland tonight in a must win game for us if we're to have any chance of making a play off for the World Cup.

I was also sorry to read that Rosie is quitting her girliepoker blog, although I had a laugh at Joppa's comment ( tongue in cheek I'm sure) about Rosie being "full of herself".It's funny how we build up an idea of what someone is like in real life from reading their blog and how far off reality those impressions can be.Even reading Rosie's own words about crushing anyone who wished to verbally spar with her made me smile because whilst she's certainly nobody's fool, she's also a million miles away from being "full of herself" or aggressive in any way.Given our history I'll leave it at that, but I look forward to reading more from Rosie over at her Food Blog.( and one day I may even attempt to cook up one of those tv dinners!)

Back soon...

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At Wednesday, 09 September, 2009, Blogger $1000 Man! said...

Long time reader Acorn, link me up plz, also didnt know you could change screen names on PP either, no wonder i can never find half the people i'm looking for!

At Wednesday, 09 September, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long time reader Acornman!

Thanks for the linkz!

I think you could make the majority of dinners on my blog.Sirriusly!

(You're far too kind by the way)

At Friday, 11 September, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Linked you up Mr $1k and yep you can change name every 180 days on Party!

No probs re the links Rosie.Dunno about my cooking skillz though! Making a roll and sausage is about my level :-)


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