Saturday, August 22, 2009


After forking out for a new alternator and battery the other week I noticed the battery light was still comimg on.Cost me another £100 to get the smart charge wire sorted and get a cat converter bracket fixed.I seem to run bad when it comes to cars as I bought a Blues compilation yesterday,popped it in my car's cd player and now the cd player is gubbed.If it's not one thing...

I've accepted my sisters offer to do the driving tomorrow.We're heading down South to Lancashire for my Uncles 60th Birthday lunch.Two Pies will be popping round to my place to watch the Gers game and keep an eye on Nacho in the afternoon and when I get back I've arranged to give the hot chick I mentioned in my last post a call to see how we get on.( we've exchanged a few emails n texts)

On the poker front I ran like crap at Party last night and compounded that by playing like a donk too at times.It was a frustrating night.Everytime the game reached the bubble stage it didn't matter how short the small stacks were,they always doubled through.Even when two big stacks went to war with Aces v AK they both split the pot with the board showing 3 10 J Q K.I can't complain too much as I've had a good run at Party recently making nearly $800 over my last 200 games and nearly $1300 over the last 500 I've played there.

I do think there's some adjustment required when playing at the weekends as the fish v regulars quota seems to increase greatly and in the wee small hours the games seem to attract the tilty ( probably drunken) gambling types who used to pad my roll at the Ladbrokes cash tables.One minor change I make is to raise 4bb preflop in the early stages instead of 3bb.I used to always make it 4bb at the Stars $16 ,18 player games and gradually moved to 3bb as I got used to the Party single table games, but it's horses for courses and none of my plays are set in stone.

Ok,thanks for reading todays witterings.I'm off to read some more of Christopher Brookmyres new book "Pandaemonium",play a few sngs and await the s-mans arrival for a night of Motorstorm online nonsense.

Back soon..

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At Saturday, 22 August, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell the truth. Youre comin to Lancashire to watch the mighty Clarets take on Everton!;-)

At Tuesday, 25 August, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Hmmmm well Tyncastle for the Gers game would have been my first choice :-)


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