Thursday, August 06, 2009

RIP Benson Da Feeesh

I read today that the British angling community is in mourning after the death of a legendary giant carp called "Benson".Apparently she was caught around sixty times during her fishy life.I loved the quote from one fisherman, "I think she liked having her picture taken".How the fuck did he come to that conclusion?! Perhaps her "smile" may have been slightly forced due to the large hook that was no doubt protruding from her mouth at the time.The good news is that there are still plenty of huge fish at the Party $22's just waiting to replace Benson....

The other big news of the week is that the s-man finally won an online Motorstorm Pacific Rift race, although rumours that his fellow competitors were too busy laughing at the s-man slamming into yet another "tree of death" to race properly are as yet unconfirmed.

I've not played much poker this week, although I did get annoyed with Stars stopping a small money transfer to my account from another player due to an "age verification" issue.Considering I've been playing and cashing out from Stars over a few years now the request seemed silly enough, but even if they had a valid security reason I don't know why they couldn't just have put the transfer on hold instead of declining it altogether.

In the few games I have played I've either run horribly or run hot.Instead I've been playing ps3 games and watching fine movies like the new Seagal film "Driven to Kill" in which Stevie boy plays a Russian gangster type who administers his own brand of justice.( a staple of the Stevie boy franchise)

Not much else going on.I turned 37 today and was out for a fine curry with my family this evening and got a new Gers top from my parents.My Mum wanted "Nacho K9" on the back!

Back soon...

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At Friday, 07 August, 2009, Blogger Mr Origami said...

Belated happy birthday acorn :)

At Friday, 07 August, 2009, Blogger rubbish said...

Ditto above.
Happy birthday mate.

At Friday, 07 August, 2009, Blogger Klopzi said...

Happy Birthday!

At Friday, 07 August, 2009, Blogger MAIR said...

Belated Happy Birthday hun. Glad to see you had a good one.


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