Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Update

I chased up my sabbatical application yesterday and was told that the offer doesn't apply to my department despite the encouragement I was given by local management.It's a pilot scheme and if successful they will probably roll it out to everyone.( they're hedging their bets in other words) When that will be is anyone's guess but I've not given up hope of it happening at sometime over the next few months.

On the poker front there's not much to report.I've been sticking to the $22's and ( including $100 bonus ) have been hovering around the break even mark despite a decent start to the month.Sometimes I agree with the general poker forum consensus that the games are getting tougher ( 8-9 players still in at level 5 blinds aint good) and other times I still marvel at the fish and their ability to reraise me and call my shove with hands like A8 ( first hand of a $22) when I have QQ.

I reckon I've now got a decent handle on who most of the regulars are at the $22's, although as with Stars I often wonder if they see me in the same light as the volume I put in is tiny compared to the guys grinding for a living.It is important because assigning ranges becomes a different kettle of fish when dealing with regulars as opposed to random fish.

For example last night I raised QQ during one of the early levels,got one caller and a TAG ( Tight/Aggressive) regular shoved all in.I put him squarely on KK/AA or AK at a push,made the call and cursed myself as he showed KK and knocked me out.I did manage to lay down AK to another regulars reraise and this time I avoided his bullets ( pair of Aces) but I still need to learn to trust my instincts more often.

I've persuaded Mother Acorn to come along to the Alea in Glasgow with me tomorrow for the 3pm £22 turbo tournament.I'm not sure of your current mobile number Dudley but if you read this today ( or any other readers) and you're up for some live turbo poker give me a shout in the comments or by text/email.( and no mention of poker blogs if ye do make it!)

I took Step A to her Dads with Nacho earlier and I'm looking forward to a nice chilled out weekend with a trip to the s-mans and live poker on the agenda.It's been over 2 years since I split with her Mum and although I don't see the wee one as often as I'd like I'm glad we're still in touch.( even if only in my role as taxi driver)

If I'm not out tomorrow night I plan on playing in Dr Pauly's PLO game at 9.20pm UK time on Stars.The password is the title of Pauly's new book "Lost Vegas" and I'm looking forward to some "2 cards bad,4 cards good" donkery.On Sunday evening I'll be playing in the RTR league game on Stars and looking to last longer than last weeks early exit.

Back soon...

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At Friday, 24 July, 2009, Blogger Gavin said...

Good post mate regarding whether the tbls are getting tougher. A pisser regarding ur sabbatical not affecting your department. A bit like Jim Bowen saying "Look at what you could have won" on Bullseye :)

GL mate

At Sunday, 26 July, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Gavin.I shouldn't be surprised really re the sabbatical.Typical company shambles!


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