Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Record Attempt Donkery

After donking out of the RTR league game on Sunday night I also played in both the Stars and Full Tilt world record attempt tournaments.I didn't last too long in the Stars $1 game ( 65000 entrants) but managed to do a little better in the Full Tilt game,finishing 3584th from 50,000 players for a whopping $30.At one point I noticed the player on my right kept raising a lot preflop and I reraised him a couple of times just to keep him in line.I'd pegged him as a decent player and then noticed there were railbirds cheering him on.It was a chap called Bill Gazes and at the next break I googled him and discovered he's won over $2m! 50,000 freeroll donkeys and I get a seasoned tourney pro on my right.In the end if I'd won a couple of key flips with AQ I could have been a contender, but I didn't and I wasn't!

I went back to the $22's and this time I only 2-3 tabled them and managed to pull back a few of the buy-ins I'd lost previously.

It was a bank holiday in Glasgow yesterday, Two Pies popped over for the afternoon, and it was great to catch up with the s-man again for an evening session of Motorstorm Pacific Rift online.

I hit the tables after the s-man left and played a few games,finishing with a cash to bring me back into profit on Party this month.I've also cleared my $100 bonus and now need another 700 player points to get my next one.I've never ever played with rakeback or chased bonuses on different sites and it's nice to get the equivalent of 13.66% rakeback whenever I'm clearing the ones on offer at Party.

I also followed a link from Lucky Jim's blog and discovered the world of urban exploration.I've always been fascinated by the past and urban explorers seek ways into old derelict buildings and take some beautiful photo's.( hospitals,hotels,swimming pools etc)
28dayslater.co.uk seems to be the main forum and after admiring the photo's I made youtube my next stop.It seems that as well as exploring abandoned buildings some folk do stuff like this which I reckon looks pretty damn cool...

Back soon...

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At Wednesday, 22 July, 2009, Blogger TripJax said...

Yeah, Bill Gazes is pretty big in the poker world. A couple years back during the WSOP they did a prop bet skit as part of the tv coverage with the likes of Erik Lindgren, Gavin Smith and Bill Gazes. Bill got completely pwned when he tried to make a field goal and some chick threw a football at him at the same time. It nailed him right in the face and made for some good tv action. Still, from what I have seen and understand, he's a damn good poker player...

At Friday, 24 July, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers for the info Trip.As he wasn't a red pro and I have avatars off I never realised until the observer chat started.


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