Saturday, July 18, 2009

F*ck the F*cking Genius!

I began my poker playing hobby( in '04) at $25nl full ring cash tables and soon found my calling at $50 nl 6 max,moving up occasionally to $100 nl and sometimes a little higher.After getting the hang of sng's a couple of years ago my visits back to ye old cash games have been rarer than a rare thing.Last night as I was three tabling the $22's at Party I hit up a $50nl 6 max table too as they were running a "genius" promo which pays out every so many hands.Within 15 minutes I managed to get it all in with AA V KK on a King high flop and there endeth my latest cash game flurry! Of course everytime the chat box filled with the words "It doesn't take a genius to be a winner" I wanted to launch my lappy through the window!

I lost about 3 buy-ins at the $22's and hit the sack around 3am.Around 1am I noticed the Party sng lobby seemed almost empty and I wondered where all the players had gone.My next games took ages to fill and I'm afraid to say my observational skills are so good it was only when there were 4 left ( on the bubble) that I noticed the blinds clock stating there were 6 minutes left of that level.Hmmm the turbo's are 5 min levels and that was when I clicked that I'd been playing standard speed games..Doh!

The alarm clock woke me at 1pm today and after brekky and walking the dog I headed to the Alea Casino in Glasgow for their Saturday afternoon £22 turbo game.( 18 runners)

My previous experiences of live play have all been small rebuy mtt's and I don't feel I adjusted well enough.This time though the format was right up my street as I've played thousands of 18 player turbo's on Stars and have always done quite well.

It was 10k chips and 15 min levels and I got off to a decent start with QK hitting the flop and 77 taking it down preflop.I lost some of that reraising a late position calling station with A10,continuation betting a King high flop and having to fold on the turn.

My sister is works at the Alea in a management position and although I called her to let her know I was playing I didn't mention it to any of the staff or other players.That was fine until a staff member brought the house mobile over to my seat and told me I had a call.It was quite funny watching the other players try and work out ( with no help from me!)why I was taking a call on casino phone.

With 14 players left and with a stack of just under 10 big blinds I looked down to QQ on the button and shoved over a cut off raise from the active lady player at the table.She called with AK and I lost the race when an Ace came on the turn.

Overall I enjoyed the experience,loved the format and will be playing there again soon.I know many players will wince at the short levels and would prefer deeper stacked play but I'm a creature of routine and when it comes to playing with 10bb or less that's my game.

Actually on checking Sharkscope perhaps ( meaningless sample size I know) I should be moving down.Who says the micro-limits are hard to beat? Hehe

Taking Nacho out soon and then looking forward to a nice chilled out weekend of poker and da herb....

Back soon.


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