Friday, July 03, 2009

Sticking to $22's

It's been so hot recently I even bought my brave dog an ice-cream the other day.I say brave because I certainly wouldn't be lifting my leg to pee on the local hedges with all those bee's buzzing around! ( of course without the bees I wouldn't hesitate...)

Scotland is usually a cold wet country but it's been hot and humid ( nearly 30c yesterday at times) recently and a bit of fresh air wouldn't go amiss.No doubt it'll be back to being cold,wet and miserable soon enough.

I've been sticking to the $22's so far this month and have been taking it easy,only playing a few games per night and so far so good.I've stopped trying to focus so much on nightly results on my blog as the fact is that in the overall scheme of things one nights results are pretty meaningless.Even monthly results are more an indication of how I've been running rather than any indication of well or badly I've been playing.Not posting daily results helps stop me feeling as if any money won has been banked and my new roll total is my starting point.( causing me to feel annoyed when I drop below that point)

For example I'm up about $100 up this month, but in reality I'm not because that's only aprox five $22 buy-ins and has to be seen as a floating roll rather than a set in stone total.This is because sng variance dictates it's possible my roll could swing up or down substantially in either direction without that being a direct reflection of how well or badly I'm playing.

Off out tonight and looking forward to a chilled out weekend.Have a good one...

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