Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Movin' Up Plan

Spoke to the good lady on the phone yesterday.I said that I can understand her friends advising her it won't work out ( due to the kids issue) and that she deserves to find someone who can offer her more certainty than I can at present.For her part she said she was over emotional the other night due to other reasons,she appreciates my honesty and that she wants to keep seeing me.As long as we both know where we stand I'm happy to take things as they come for now and see how it goes.I hope my previous post didn't imply she wants to rush things as I don't think that's the case.She simply doesn't want to get hurt further down the line due to a issue neither of us can do anything to change.

In a previous relationship it was probably my partner who was the more sensible one re any issues ( kids,distance,that type of thing without getting specific) whereas I was the one who reckoned feelings can't be fought and we'd work things out one way or another.Being wrong hurt( several times) and I wonder if perhaps I'm not as keen as the current lady seems to be about me due to that experience.I do like her, I don't want to mess her about and I'd like to give my feelings a chance to develop some more.If they don't though I defintely won't string her along as I told myself after splitting from the ex Mrs A that if something wasn't working I'd be far more pro-active about ending things rather than letting a situation drag on.

Now to far more important matters...poker.So far this year I've paid off my car loan,bought my Rangers season ticket,paid for my Dam trip next week,covered car repair bills and generally put my poker winnings to good use.As I don't have any immediate bills to cover I think it's time I I used my roll to take a few shots at higher buy-in sngs.I began the month at Party with $2300 and have made...$1 so far.The plan is to stick to $22's until I hit $2400 and then play $33's.If I drop below $2300 it's back to the $22's and if I can hit the $3k mark playing $33's I'm going to try the $55's and drop back a level if my roll drops back below $2400.10-11 buy-in swings are totally standard and I should probably give myself more leeway but dropping from $3k to $2.4k still seems like a lot to me and I'll see how this goes.

Thanks for reading.Back soon...

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At Tuesday, 09 June, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with the plan Acorn, sounds like the trip to the Dam is coming at a good time, time to chill out and forget about the world for a bit IMO.

Wasn't life so much easier as a kid!

At Friday, 12 June, 2009, Blogger Mair said...

Really pleased you got it sorted :)


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