Thursday, May 21, 2009

I see fishy people

The mindset of the poker fish has always interested me.How can people be so stupid we ask ourselves? Lack of experience,the urge to gamble,the thrill of making mooooves,tilt and people with plenty of experience who simply don't "get it" are a few of my theories.I keep reading about how tough games are thanks to poker forums,training sites etc and although there may be a little truth in that,I remember reading a load of snooker books as a lad and they never turned me into Stephen Hendry! ( good enough to play blindfold with a hand tied behind my back and still beat Juice though! )

People who type "may as well be playing bingo" in chat boxes forget that thousands of people do play bingo online with no edge at all and probably see poker as just another gambling game.

I wrote about channel 5''s rip-off late night quiz recently and how daft people must be to think they stand a decent chance of winning.The fact is that most poker players just aren't as bright or smart as I'm sure my readers are and you have to take this into account when playing them.This means not using your own default hand ranges for villains.You may well only call that big bet or shove with a better hand but this doesn't mean a fish won't pay you off with something far worse.Of course it's highly frustrating to feel like your being continually be outdrawn but when I stepped down and played a few $12 ,45 player games last night I simply found the donkey calls provided a good general guide to the standard of play.Having my JJ cracked all in preflop by someone ready to get it all in early in the game with 23 o/s genuinely made me smile.

Maybe it's a bit of a leap and no offence meant to believers, but reading this recent Guardian CIF post on the growth of the psychic industry also demonstrates to me just how many more stupid and gullible people are out there.It's mentioned in the article that psychic,Sally Morgan,received more than 250,000 emails after her tv show was aired.This was just before they all logged on to Pokerstars....

Anyways I had another decent night at the tables and was also pleased to see that twat Ben finally get the boot from The Apprentice.( though some thorough media training meant he managed to come across as decent enough on the "You've been Fired" show afterwards.)

Back to the poker and I took down another $22 at Party before deciding to try out a few of these low stakes multi-table sngs I keep reading are so juicy.I fired up three $12,45 player games and can't deny the fishieness of the play on show.The bottom line is that I crashed out of two but managed to hit the final table with a big stack in one game and bullied my way to a win from there.The prize was only $154 ( $54 more than 1st in a $22) but it felt good!

Visiting my parents tonight,seeing the good lady tomorrow night and the s-man is coming over on Saturday night.The nerves and tension are also building already for Sundays league title showdown.I can barely think about it without getting butterflies and I can't put into words just how much it would mean to me to see the league flag returned to it's rightful home for a world record 52nd time.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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At Saturday, 23 May, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can relate to the butterflies mate as were about to compete in the most valuable game on the planet. Good Luck for the Title m8.


At Sunday, 24 May, 2009, Blogger exosceptic said...

Um..interesting interests.LC ! Good Luck !!

At Sunday, 24 May, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Bully.Gl tomorrow!

Thanks Exosceptic.


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