Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Running Goot

I wasn't out too late on Monday night as I hate leaving Nacho for long after he's been left all day.Having said that, my neighbour has been taking him into her place sometimes to play with her sisters dog which is great.

I fired up four $16's on my return,won two and cashed in another for a decent wee profit.Last night the s-man was over and after he left I hit the Party tables and had another short but successful stint at the $22's.I've actually won three from my last six games there and cashed in the others.In my last $22 of the evening in particular, hands held up and I seemed to hit the board hard whenever I entered a pot.I just hope this mini-heater lasts as long as my recent variance nightmare in the other direction.

I mentioned trying to live a more balanced life in my last post and there's no doubt that bringing a little less intensity to the tables is helping my game.Letting poker affect my mood or invade my thoughts too much just isn't healthy especially when going through a rough time at the tables.

I've also cashed out $1k from Party to cover the cost of my Amsterdam trip next month.This leaves me only aprox $2.5k online and this probably as low as my online roll has been in a while.It's still well within my comfort zone for the games I play and as the pound seems to be gaining on the Dollar it's probably as good a time as any to not leave too many US Dollars online.

Tonights plan is to hit the tables, watch The Apprentice and get a reasonably early night.

Back soon..

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