Thursday, May 14, 2009

RIP Elaine

I'd written the paragraphs below about the football and about that AQ hand before I checked out my favourite blogs this morning on bloglines.Most are poker blogs, but I've also found myself drawn to a few blogs I never expected to get hooked on and Elaine's blog over at oldageisabitch has always been one of my first reads of the day since '07.We never swapped links and I only left the occasional comment, but her personality,humour and sunny outlook shone through her posts no matter how badly her health problems were affecting her.

Sadly Elaine has not been well recently and I logged on this morning to read a post from her sister to say that Elaine had passed away peacefully yesterday aged 67.
It's a strange medium this interweb thing at times.Sitting here with a wee tear in my eye for someone I never knew but felt a connection with simply through reading their daily posts just goes to show the strength of her writing style and content.Apart from being Scottish and having a love of Christopher Brookmyre books we probably had little in common, however I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her love for her family,daily life stuff and the small things like the content of her latest veg box or who was being stroppy at the bridge club.My sincere condolences go to all her family and friends.The blogging world will be an emptier place from now on.

Watching sport is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby but I felt sick with nerves watching Rangers last night.We managed to come back from 1-0 down to draw 1-1 with Hibs thanks to Nacho Novo's equaliser.We also had good goal ruled out because the ref said the ball hadn't fully crossed the line.Very frustrating and it leaves us even on points, but two goals behind our rivals on goal difference with two games to play.

This is a hand from the bubble of a $16,18 player turbo which has been bugging me ever since I played it.I've not run it through any Sng software, but I'd be interested in any comments on my fold as on reflection I think I should have called.The bigstack was quite loose/aggressive and had been exploiting the bubble ( rightly!) with quite a few recent preflop raises.I felt weaker Aces were a huge part of his range and the fact that he had only raised 3600 felt weak too as my guess would be that he would fold to shove from the 8k stack but get it in with the rest of us.It was close and I folded as I didn't want to be a pot with Ace high v two live cards on the bubble and I always want to be the raiser not the caller where possible in bubble situations.( though there is an art to calling lighter v regulars on occasion for meta-game reasons).

Anyways my night at the $16's wasn't the best.KK v QQ and QQ v 77 are not coinflips for most folk, but they feel that way at the moment for me as those were my first two exit hands.I then donked out of another game on the bubble and didn't cash until I won the last game I played which left me just a few $ down.

I did have a wee funny moment at a Party $22 the other night.A regular had typed "nh" after my Kings amazingly held up v his medium pair.I rarely chat but typed "ty",hit the enter tab and inadvertently min raised A3o/s! The reg shoved over his last few hundred chips,someone else called and I bet out and won on an Ace high flop.Lucky misclickaments for once.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon..


At Thursday, 14 May, 2009, Blogger Mike Smith said...

Sad news about Elaine. As for the Rangers, fear not. Hearts will take a point at Celtic Park on the last day of the season to deny The Hoops the title. And St. Mirren will also go down. See those demons of 1986...?!

At Thursday, 14 May, 2009, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

I think you HAVE to go with that AQ hand mate. Even though its the bubble you are so short.. the other guy has a little more and is taking the blinds.

I risk it here, but its very very close.

Btw, got a new blog if you could please update the link:

Cheers mate.


At Thursday, 14 May, 2009, Blogger dD said...

you jammy bastard !!

and you ckeeky (youngish) bastard .... you know i am 147 ....



At Sunday, 17 May, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Mike.Hope you're right re the football.It's going to be nervy as hell next weekend.Great listening to the whinging tims on the phone-ins just now after todays results!I'

Cheer BM.Appreciate your input and I reckon you're right about it being a call.

Dudley,come on,you've been 147 for a while now.More like 296...


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