Monday, May 04, 2009

Why People make stupid calls..

....because they're stupid and can't help themselves!

I enjoyed my trip down to York for my cousins wedding at the weekend.It was great to catch up with that side of the family and everything went smoothly for the most part.( taking the scenic route home yesterday to Glasgow via Edinburgh and missing the Gers game wasn't planned though!)

York is a beautiful city and I just wish I could have stayed a bit longer and taken some more time to look around.( and eaten more roast beef n yorkie pud)

On arriving back at the hotel just after midnight on Saturday I rolled up a couple and decided to watch some tele before bed.Being pretty much a non-drinker most of the time I was well blootered on the 8 ( ok maybe 6!) beers I'd drunk earlier and ended up watching "Quiz Call" on ch5.As a former salesman I have to confess I actually like watching QVC and stuff like that sometimes and Quiz Call caught my eye too as it made me realise just how sad and stupid some people really are.

They show a letters grid on the screen and contestants have find the word that comes after the word the hostess gives.In this case the word was "water" and the grid contained answers like proof,falls etc.The hostess encourages the stupid and gullible to call the rip off premium number to get the chance to go on air and win about £150.The screen also displays the number people who entered over the previous minute.

In effect this means there are around 400 people hanging on at £1 per minute and roughly one a minute actually getting on air.The best bit was when the hostess introduced the birthday jackpot which meant that if you got the first answer correct,she spun two wheels and if they landed on the birthdate the contestant gave,they won far more money.There's more chance of me running well at the tables than of that happening!Oh and the other good bit was that the obvious answers such as "proof" and "falls" were wrong and some of the right ones included "bag" and "dog"!! Where's my water bag?! Even the hostess seemed surprised by that one.

Ok,so to recap, first you have to be selected from 400 others and then you have to guess some obscure nonsense answer.After that, to get a top prize, the two wheels of fortune have to land on the exact date you nominate.I felt sorry for poor Martin from Manchester who guessed "melon" but spelled it "mellon".Hehe.I imagine there's plenty of Martins online calling off their stacks with Q2 soooted simply because although they have a basic understanding of the game,they are just not very bright at all.( to be fair most of the contestants sounded thick as pigshit)

Anyways after hanging on the phone for 45 mins I gave up and went to bed.( that's a feckin' joke btw!)

On the poker front I donked out the Bloggerment in 13th when my AJ couldn't beat 88 ( 8 on the flop made sure of that) and decided to take a step down from the $22's and play some $11 games on FT.I was 3-4 tabling and once again struggled to win a race or even get any big hands to hold.( Aces losing to 66 on the bubble of one game summed it up).I did manage to win a few though and got back to around even by the time I hit the sack.

Off to pick Nacho up soon ( I was too hungover yesterday to move when I got home!)and the s-man is coming over later for some Motorstorm/Fear 2 action.Should be seeing a man about a particulary tasty dog ( skuff this time!) too.

Thanks for reading.Back soon...

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