Thursday, April 30, 2009

Monthly Stats

Just a quick boring monthly stats post today.

Party $2917 ( + $101),Pokerstars $466* ( + $272),Full Tilt $194 ( - $290). Total $3577 ( + $83 for month).

*cashed out $1k ( £683) from Stars 29/4/09.

I'm not exactly pleased overall with only $83 profit especially as that includes bonus money cleared at Party.At least it's better than last months stats horror show!
The good news is that I've made back $474 over my last 53 games at Party and that $2917 figure seemed a million miles away when I hit a low point of $2131 earlier in the month.If only I could get a hand to hold at the FT $22's.( fish slapped again tonight hence stats edited)

Ok,I'm off to take Nacho out before it rains again.I doubt I'll be posting again until after the holiday weekend is over.

Have a good one...



At Friday, 01 May, 2009, Blogger Amatay said...

fish, i got a small biz proposal for ya . I've made a few extra quid recently with some ads on my blog like those down the left hand side under my list of poker sites. One the people who recently sorted me with $600 asked if i had any other sites. Obv i havent but i could blag em and get some small ads placed on others sites and we could split the prof. Up 4 it? Times are hard lol

At Monday, 04 May, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Sent reply by email mate.


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