Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Times They Are A-Changing..

Well Rangers did the business today and put the Forces of Darkness to the sword at a rainswept Ibrox.The 1-0 scoreline leaves us 2 points ahead with 3 games to play.It's going to be nervy as hell but I'd rather be in our position than theirs.

I hadn't intended posting today but I thought I'd post about the shock I got when I picked Nacho up from the ex Mrs A's.I had called her workplace a month or so back ( Chinese takeaway) to ask if the dog had been fed.She put me on hold,not recognising my mobile number and I heard her being all lovey dovey on the other line.Now that in itself didn't bother me much, but today she announced she is moving down South and asked if I would take Nacho full-time from now on.She said she has been seeing someone since last year and I have to say I did find it amusing that she's so in love with her new man that she couldn't resist the Acorn sausage back in December!

It's easy in life to always want what you can't have but when I really thought about it I realised that I'd stopped loving the ex Mrs A long before we split up.I thought that when we split and although sleeping together before Xmas brought back some of the feelings from when we first met, I think it just muddied waters which didn't need muddying.This was why I was able to jump into another ( doomed) relationship quite quickly after I moved back in Sept '07.

Step A is moving with her and this probably means I wont see very much of her at all which certainly hurts.According to the ex, Step A is playing truant from school a lot and is generally behaving poorly.The ex seems to think a move down South to live with her new man will do Step A good, but my feelings are the exact opposite.I hope I'm proved wrong on that one because as far as I'm concerned Step A is a good kid who just needs lots of love and support.( and proper discipline when reqd!)She's a teenager and teens are meant to be selfish,unruly etc etc.

Anyways I agreed to take Nacho full time.It's not ideal as I hate leaving him in my flat when I go to work, but as the alternative may be the ex handing him into a cat and dog home I have no choice.My Mum has said she will take him on occasional evenings ( when I'm at football etc) and I suppose there's always kennels when I go on holiday.At least it saves me from having to drop him off and pick him up from the ex's.She has been full time at college over the last year so it's not as if being left will be new to him.One of my neighbours may even agree to let him out during the day.

This is a poker and life blog so I'm not going to apologise from straying away from posting bad beats! I did play last night and won at Party and crashed out of a few of the old 18 player $16 games I used to play all the time on Stars.

It's feels like cheating as I've always used Sharkscope as my guide but they have missed 3 Party $22 wins from my stats ( I even emailed them the tourney numbers to no avail) and including those wins I'm running at about 10% roi over 655 games.It's only a tiny sample but hopefully now I'm back in profit at Party I can stay ahead of the game there.

Ok,that's enough for today.Don't forget to play in tomorrows Britbloggerment...

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At Sunday, 10 May, 2009, Blogger weegem said...

if you ever need a dogsitter, let me know. We've got 2 of our own and we often look after friends hounds when they are away.

Nacho would even get his photo taken and added to the collection

At Monday, 11 May, 2009, Blogger Unknown said...

Great blog you got here Zagga! I've been reading on and off for quite some time now. We share a love of ganja and poker! I posted a link to your blog from mine, hope you don't mind. See you on the tables! -Hook


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