Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sun Shining

Sunday was another beautiful sunny day and I didn't hit the tables until after dinner.Stars monthly Turbo-takedown tourney was calling and I ended up winning $45 after finishing around 7000th from 30000 after my Kings were busted by sevens.It's probably typical of how well I'm running just now that 30000 donkeys entered and I began the game with online pro Spacegravy on my immediate right.( though to be fair I wasn't too worried as he was as tight as I expected him to be very early on)

I was playing the ghey Brit Blogger game ( name copyright of Hoyazo, although winning a baseball competition within your own country and calling yourselves "World" champions strikes me as far gheyer than a $5 poker game!) at the same time and bombed out in 17th out to Jordans AK when my 89 sooted shove never improved.Congrats to actyper who took it down.

I hit the Party $22's after the Bloggy and dropped about 8 buy-ins to leave my edited monthly profit looking quite measly.This time last year I made $1200 from sngs in May and there's no doubt the last few months of running way below expectation have been a huge sack of steaming donkey crap.

Away from the poker,Joe at work mentioned that Danny La Rue had died at the weekend which gave me the chance to pass on the news that I'd just heard that Ken Dodd had also died at the weekend. "Did he?"Joe asked, giving me the chance to deliver the legendary reply "No,Doddy".Ahh the old ones are the best.

Nacho and I are heading over to the s-mans tonight for a barbecue,going for dinner at my parents tomorrow evening and I'm off out to play pool after work on Thursday.Friday night is for poker and I'm seeing my lady on Sat.

Back soon..


At Sunday, 07 June, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know you dont play many mtt's, i have to recommend the $11 rebuys on party as their soft as s**t. Also they have small fields so its not hard to cash/win them.


At Thursday, 11 June, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Kid.I'll give them a go some time.

Mr TMG on his holidays?The tables are far easier without him :-)


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