Friday, May 29, 2009

Fishy Weekends

With dinner and a dvd planned for tonight and the s-man visiting tomorrow night, it looks like I’ll finish the month having made a reasonable profit at the virtual felt. That will be quite a relief after the last couple of months of pokery hell. The secret this month has simply been running a little better at the tables and taking far more breaks from the game. Online poker tends to be far fishier at the weekends, however although I’m may be missing out on juicier games,feeling fresher when I do play more than makes up for that.To be fair it’s easier to feel fresh and less burned out when winning and there’s no doubt results influence my feelings on the game from week to week.

It does still amaze me the number of players who post on forums like Pocketfives stating they can’t beat the micro-limits and that they want to move up to play better players where their “bets will be respected”. It’s all about adjusting to each unique poker hand and not being afraid to play your own game regardless of what would be the considered the “standard” default move.

As an example of the above another thread had online legend Jonny Bax posting to defend a re-raise all in he had made with J10sooted in an MTT.Now I’m no MTT player and at first glance his all in shove over a raise looked dodgy, until he pointed out that the original raiser had raised him off several hands on that orbit of the table. Players who replied ( before Bax did) that they would never reraise all in with J10 sooted probably play the game too rigidly to ever make decent money.

That’s probably part of the reason why I don’t like playing more than 3-4 tables ( and four is pushing it for me).It’s not that I timeout very often, but more because I like to be able to pick up reads and play the same hand differently depending on the situation.

Along with my colleagues I've once again been offered a years salary to leave the company I work for.This time as I'm running a little better at the poker it seems more tempting to take the money and try and make a go of playing sngs fulltime.Once again though I'll be taking the safe option,sticking to the 9-5 and the guaranteed monthly salary that goes with it.

No poker tonight and tomorrow is cup final day when I'll be at Hampden to hopefully see Rangers beat Falkirk and secure the Double.Roll on...


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