Sunday, June 28, 2009

Raring to go...back to bed!

Am I feeling refreshed and raring to go back to work after two weeks off? Am I f*ck!

Thanks to all who commented on my Dam trip report.Since my return I made the tough decision to finish things with the lady I was seeing.We did swap a few friendly texts last night before her final one which said "I miss you, but don't reply".I do miss her too but have respected her request.

To the poker and the good news is that it looks like being a marginally profitable month for me at the felt.( stats on Tues)I went on a bit of a run at the Party $22's, although after not cashing in a few I moved back to Stars and decided to take a wee shot at $36 45 player turbs.It did take me some time to adjust my game to the format but I also ran like crap too and dropped a couple of hundred.

The same happened at the $16's and only a wee run at the $12 45 player games kept me afloat.In fact I found the 45 player games ( $12 and $36) are very soft indeed and they are also far easier to multi-table ( I played 8) than single table sit and goes for the simple reason that the 45 plyr games are all full tables ( until final table starts to lose players).

Anyway I had $72 left on Stars ( $536 at start of June) and fired up three $16's before the s-man arrived for last nights ps3 sesh.No cashes in those games meant when the s-man left and I hit the felt my Stars roll was in danger of being no more.I nearly took a screenshot when the cashier page showed a $1.58 balance but I managed a win and a couple of cashes at $6.50 to finish the night on $77! Of course I should probably stop being so bloody stubborn and go back the the Party $22's, but now that my Stars roll is on life support I'm actually quite enjoying trying to rebuild it.I could also easily cash some Party profit out and stick it back on Stars but wont do that unless I bust the last $77.

Quick questions: Had anyone else found the Pokertracker 3 auto hud has stopped working on Stars? It's still importing hands but not giving the usual stats overlay on the opposition.( which I definitely missed when playing 8 tables)

Jeeez what a boring comeback post so far! I did read on P5's that David Sklansky's house has been robbed.I loved the post by zander on that thread asking if they only took his real money or if they stole all his Sklansky dollars too.( money "won" everytime you get your chips in as favourite at poker regardless of result)

If you're a Raisetheriver forum member don't forget to transfer your $30 to Amatay and get ready for the upcoming Sunday donkaments.( chance to win a trip to Paris to play in a 250euro buy-in event!)

Ok,thanks for reading.Back on Tues with monthly stats.Watch out for the donkeys...

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