Sunday, July 05, 2009


The post title was also the excellent screename of a villain at one of my tables recently.Checking the news yesterday it looks like I may get the chance to keep my day job but take a break of up to a year on 1/4 pay.( paid up front)Of course I may be getting ahead of myself and the offer won't apply to my department but if it does I intend to take advantage and have at least a few months away from the Mon-Fri office grind.I'm in the fortunate position of having a small mortgage and no other debts so I reckon I can afford to do it,especially as I've paid all the major stuff already this year ( car insurance,council tax,car loan,RFC season ticket)If they paid me my remaining 17 days holiday pay I may even be tempted to stay off until the end of next March.

The aim would be to use my existing poker roll as required and make at least $800 per month at the virtual felt.If I fail to do that I could remortgage,take enough equity to tide me over and still have plenty left available.That would probably be a better idea than selling my car and buying a cheap run-around or even using my credit card.( and obv paying it off when back to work full-time).

To the poker and I had a good night at the felt last night.I was only two tabling and for once the tv was off,I had the tunes on ( Floyd,Dylan,Acdc,Queen,Trance tunes, Classic FM) and I was focussing as hard as a man smoking "power plant" possibly can!

I was close to registering for one of the $11 rebuys on Party that Liquid Eyes and The Kid have recommended but apart from Kat's Friday $1 donkament I've never played a rebuy Mtt and like those Headhunter games,I'm not sure it would suit my style of play.

Anyways the $22's were good to me and I even made a few $$ playing $16 single table turbs at Stars.I'll be back on Stars tonight for the first RTR league game.

Righty I'm off to watch the Wimbledon Final....

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At Sunday, 05 July, 2009, Blogger Gavin said...

Sounds like a good opportunity if you can afford to do it as Sabbaticals involve no pay at all.
Good luck with getting it approved mate.

At Tuesday, 07 July, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks mate.Still mulling things over but getting closer to taking the plunge..


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