Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Dark Night...

Ok,it wasn't that dark but after catching up with my old mate the Connecticut Cod I played a couple of $16,18 player turbs on Stars and took 1st and 2nd for a nice wee profit.

Feeling confident I hit up the Party $22's and ran like hell losing 12 buy-ins over 26 games.Clocking up a couple of $20 bonuses helped a bit and as usual on that kind of run if just a few key hands had held I'd have made a profit.Party's latest update seems to have messed with the sng filter in the lobby though as once again I found myself in a Double or Nothing game and yes it did take me until the bubble to actually notice.( I cashed which was something I suppose)

I loved the reasoning one particular donkey came up with in the chatbox after being berated by someone he sucked out on."I call when I think I'm going to win".( obviously regardless of cards held)

I think I may go back to three tabling for today's grind.I read a Patrik Antonius interview last week where he said that he was only comfortable playing three tables and although I can play four I sometimes feel it makes me try and force the play too much.For example I reraised AJ over a regulars open raise last night and there was just no way I was ahead in that spot.( he had KK)It can be too easy to get into a coinflip mentality where I'm just looking to double up or crash out and move on to the next one instead of focusing on playing my best game.

The WSOP is over for now until November and I think it's great news that Phil Ivey beaten over 6000 donks to make the final table.He's one of the shorter stacks but can never be written off.If he wins I can see it attracting a zillion new fish to the tables all wanting to emulate pokers undisputed number one player.

Not much else going on here today although Two Pies should be popping over later for some ps3/poker action.He has been taking Nacho out during the day for me as he starts work around 4pm and this makes life much easier and more guilt free for me.He said he doesn't want money but I'm insisting on a couple of quid a day as a paid dog walker would cost more than double that and whilst he only lives five minutes away I don't want to take advantage.He wrote his car off recently ( MOT had expired so no insurance) and if I don't get my sabbatical from work I'm going to offer to pay him 10 months dog walking money upfront to help towards a new car for him.

I'm also looking forward to the 3rd Raisetheriver league game tonight and shall be spite calling very light from the outset tonight so be careful when stealing my blinds! Late edit:That should read I'm looking forward to raising AJ within the first 5 mins,hitting my J on the turn and losing to a flopped straight!( A4)

Sport is so dang boring at this time of year.I can't stand cricket ( couldn't care less who wins The Ashes) and the only time I've ever got into golf was when that French bloke blew his chances in The Open a few years back trying to play a ball out of the water.Roll on the new football season starts!

Back soon..

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At Sunday, 19 July, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya bassa .... live poker without me ????
i am so hurt !!



At Tuesday, 21 July, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

lol,You're always welcome Dudley! I thought you were in York these days though...


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