Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Удача v динамомашина сегодни вечером мутантов

Thanks to Al Eleven I remembered to register for Stars Monthly Turbo player point Mtt on Sunday and even persuaded Mother Acorn to use some of her points to play.Meantime the s-man was doing a fine job of setting up the wireless cable modem I bought months ago and thought was broken.

I squeaked the last longer comp,finishing just under the 4000 mark ( from 24.5k players) for $75 although I did have to deal with an upset fishy in the chatbox.He was shortstacked and limped from UTG ( under the gun:first to act) with AK ,I checked my 97 in the big blind and bet into him when I caught a piece of the flop.He insta-called and missed on the turn and river.Of course if he'd just shoved preflop I would have folded.

It never fails to amaze how stupid some players can be.I don't usually chat but when he typed a load of foreign guff I replied that he should "speaka da English Fishy" as I was hoping he may give an unique insight into the mind of a poker donkey by explaining his terrible play.Instead he consulted his google translator and asked if I knew where my Mother was.

I had just typed "Still in this game with a large stack of chips" when my Mum ( who was watching) answered the muppet herself in the chatbox by letting him know she was there.He didn't hang around for long after that.

I've gone back to two tabling over the last couple of nights and it's been going well.I've been winning money,enjoying being able to pick up reads and actually feeling like I'm playing a game rather than just following a routine ( and boring set formula).

I realise the $22's are still at the lower end of the sng food chain but some of the plays I've seen have been so bad I've almost felt compelled to point out in the chat that I don't know the villain and there's no collusion/chip dumping going on.

Hopefully my decent run at Party can continue and I can post some half decent monthly stats on Friday.I'm considering only posting quarterly stats from now on.I realise nobody probably cares or pays much attention to stats posts but if I start a month badly it preys on my mind and if I start well I sometimes play less just to stay ahead.I seem to get into a similar mindset when the end of the month approaches and there's simply no point in focussing so much on the short-term.Anyone who is interested can check my latest stats on Sharkscope at anytime and I'm sure my posts will be pretty clear about how things are going at the felt.

Ok,just time to wish Dynamo Moscow all the best for tonights Champions league qualifier against the Scottish Premier League's runners up from last season.....

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