Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby Eater

"Online Poker mmm !!!! My mum said you should never trust a gambler !" was the reply I got from one hot looking babe who made the mistake of asking about my hobbies on the dating site I'm on.Telling her I eat babies and like to kick the crutches away from old people may have given a better impression.Maybe I should send her a link to my Sharkscope stats or my blog....

Actually the blog issue does worry me a little when it comes to future love interests. "Here's a link to check out if you want to read about my life + poker over the last 4 years" doesn't trip off the tongue ( or keyboard) easily.We choose the info we wish to reveal to new partners and having blogged about everything from splits with ex's to what an asshole I can be, I'm not sure how I'll play it should it arise.I detest dishonesty/deceit in relationships and perhaps if the blog starts to feel like some kind of dirty secret then it's time to stop.

On the subject of dirty secrets, and admitting this is probably grounds for blog deletion,I'm a confirmed hater of the celeb/OMG look at me culture we now live in...but have to confess to watching quite a bit of Big Brother this year whilst playing poker.( the poker part makes it far more acceptable than watching it on it's own!) They seem to have a few less weirdo's in this year and the interaction between them is certainly an improvement on the snoozefest the last few years have been.Bea is the most self-obsessed annoying cow I've seen on tv for a while and I'm torn between wanting her out this week ( she's up for eviction) and enjoying watching her antics wind up the other housemates.

Now that I've wrestled the keyboard back from the alien who typed the above paragraph I suppose I should try and squeeze a bit of poker into this post.Not much to report other than I've noticed previously when I played my first games of the night that I tried to play too much poker.By that I mean getting involved needlessly in hands and trying to force the action too much.Now I feel I've slipped into the opposite mode and play my first few sngs' too passively.Having the ( probably incorrect) feeling that I always seem to lose the first big hand/race of every session doesn't help but maybe I should start with a few lower buy-in games to get in the zone a little before hitting the $22's.

Back soon...

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At Saturday, 22 August, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you please add my new blog to your blog roll?


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