Friday, August 14, 2009

Waiting for the Man

I was waiting for the man last night before heading out for a fine pub dinner.I popped into my Mums later and helped give her poker account a wee boost by winning a couple of $6 and $16 turbs later before heading up the road.I did have fun at one $16table the other night when some poor fishy insulted me in the chat box because I'd stolen his big blind several times in a row on the bubble.( he should trying playing a Raisetheriver league game with Amatay on his right!).

The top 4 pay in $16 ,18 player turbs and the stack sizes were ideal for stealing so it was nothing personal.( obv) It was folded to me again in the small blind and I happily shoved my A9 only for the daft fish in the big blind to snap call with J7 despite the button player having about 100 chips left.My A9 held and I enjoyed a wee " ooops lol" at fishboys expense in the chat.Ahh the fun n games...

Speaking of which, I'm just back from the local Tesco where I managed to get involved in an argument with a stupid ned/chav bitch who was giving abuse to the checkout girl simply for asking to see some ID as the Ned Bitch was buying vodka.Pointing her finger in the girls face and shouting about how she should be "fuckin' sacked" after the checkout girl tried to lighten the mood by saying she was new and would probably get fired was bang out of order as was the reaction of the shop manager who apologised to Ned girl for the ID request.

Advising the checkout girl that Ned Bitch had probably never done a days hard work in her life and should learn some manners prompted Ned Bitch to start on me which is never a good idea when I'm tired,hungry and on my way home from another week dealing with complaints! As I left after giving as good as got I had other shoppers congratulating me on my stance and offering themselves as witnesses if I wanted to report Ned Bitch for threatening behaviour.I've heard worse in the Stars chat box...

Not much planned for the weekend.The s-man is coming over tonight and I'll be at Ibrox tomorrow to watch Rangers unfurl the League Championship Flag for the 52nd time.

Mr Origami mentioned football providing good material for rants/posts and I'll finish this post by mentioning the MOPE's ( Most Offended People Ever) celtc fans who called Ofcom ( tv/radio watchdog) to complain that a Rangers fan had called Scott Brown ( a thick as mince celtc player)a "lego eater" on one of the football phone-in's.It really doesn't get much more pathetic than that.

Back soon...

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