Thursday, September 17, 2009

All Time Low

Not only was it Nacho's 5th birthday the other day but it's also almost exactly two years since I moved back to my flat after 3yrs living with the ex.My only feelings for the ex these days are ones of anger and frustration over her plans to move to England and leave her 15yr old daughter ( Step Acorn) behind.I took Step A out for dinner last night and she's pretending she doesn't care and will be fine.The ex has another child ( in his 20's now) I never met she left to live with his Dad years ago and Step A reckons it's just her turn now.The ex has also shown no interest at all in seeing Nacho or hearing how he is after asking me to take him full time since back in May.I just can't understand that mentality.

Anyway it was great to see the wee one and I even got a hug from her as I dropped her off.( perhaps the free dinner,celeb mag and £10 helped!) I showed her the pic of Nacho I have as my mobile phone screen saver and got the verdict "cute pic,shit phone"! I also lost street cred for never having heard of her current favourite band,"All Time Low" but will hopefully gain some kudo's by giving her their cd when I give her a lift tomorrow.I am tempted to call my ex or even write to her regarding her plans but I doubt any contact with me would change her mind and if it was a phone call I can see myself losing my temper very quickly indeed.

I arrived back home just in time for Two Pies arrival to watch Rangers away game to Stuttgart in the Champions League.Rangers didn't seem to turn up for the first 20 mins but we clawed our way back into it after going a goal down and scored a cracking equaliser to take a point from the 1-1 scoreline.

Things that have got my goat part 9901010120:Listening to the radio on the way home the other night there was a report about a guy who had been sprayed in the face with cs gas by the police at close range after he had already been arrested and restrained.Radio 5 live said there was footage on the BBC website and that his parents were shocked by what had happened.I was shocked too, especially as he was only arrested for being drunk and disorderly....until they mentioned that this poor innocent had also allegedly spat in a paramedics face.Of course there were no interviews with the paramedics parents to get their views on how they felt about their son/daughter being ( allegedly) assaulted by this vile piece of scum as they were trying to do a professional job.

It's quite right that the gas in the face incident is being investigated because we live in a civilised society and can't let ourselves always be reduced to the lowest common denominator,however tempting, but my guess would be that there's more to this story than first meets the eye.( no mention of why paramedics were required in the first place etc).

Ok,enough for now.I promise to post an actual poker hand in my next post...

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