Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bye C/runners...

My crap month at the virtual felt continues.After pulling back a little from being 25buy-ins down I managed to play seven turbo's the other night without cashing.Last night I only played a couple of games and cashed 2nd and 3rd.

Cardrunners seem to have a problem with my credit card payment this month.I called the card co and although there are no problems at their end, Cardrunners cannot process a payment manually and I need to put my details in again.I've learned a ton from Jackal69,Braminc,Dirtybrasil and co from watching their sng vids but the main focus at Cardrunners is cash games and I'm a turbo sng donkey these days.I'm still a member of Floattheturn ( formerly sng icons) and one training site payment per month is probably enough for me at the moment.

The real training I should be doing is making more use of ICM calculators to help improve my end game.I first discovered ICM via Sitngoplanet and even knowing a little of the basics helped my game.I'm not into Maths though and rely on feel and experience to try and make the correct ICM decisions.I also like to think I've a decent feel for game flow too ( much easier when only 3-4 tabling)and that helps boost my roi.I must admit too, that so called experts on forums stating that you simply need to "learn ICM" to profit at sngs are full of crap,implying it's like some sort of times table like you learn at school and once you know it you'll be expert.

At the end of the day ( it's 11.59pm ) the most important factors when doing any kind of ICM calculations are the hand ranges you put your opponents on.

Ok,cutting this short as it's 7pm and I haven't eaten yet.( Nacho has of course!)

Tonight it's Motorstorm Pacific Rift online.Back soon.( and yeah I am old enough to think Brothers in Arms was a fine album!)

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