Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We are the People

I missed going to Ibrox for the Gers 1-1 draw at the weekend, although I did watch it at Our manager,Walter Smith,has said that Rangers are in real trouble financially and are being run by the banks.This seems to have moved takeover talks up a gear and I hope a decent buyer with the clubs interests at heart will come forward and help get us back on a sound financial footing.Ex chairman Murray had a go at trying to spend our way to European success back in the 90's and despite achieving 9 domestic league titles in a row, we're still paying for that folly now.

So I'm still stuck at home with swine flu.My temperature has dropped back to normal today and only a dry cough and an all round feeling of weakness remains.I'll probably stay off work for the rest of the week too.

They say you shouldn't play poker when ill,tired etc and as ever I don't listen to anything "they" say! Things have been swingy as always at the $22's and everytime I got close to ( within $100 or so) to breaking even for the month I'd hit another run of 6,7,8 games without cashing.Last night I'm happy to report that I finished my 3 tabling at Party with 3 sweet wins to take me slightly into profit for October.There's no point in getting too excited by that as another standard run of 8-10 ( or more) cashless games could be just round the corner.

After those 3 wins on the trot I decided to move to Stars and played a $16 PLO turbo sng for a change of pace.I took that down too and went to bed after watching some of the Poker Million coverage on tv.

I've also just finished reading the Mike Matusow story and would highly recommend it.It was a real page turner* and is well enough written to be of interest to non poker players too.

I'm probably way behind the times but I was sorry to read that Frankie Boyle will no longer be on "Mock the Week" as he was the main reason I watched that show.Watching Emily Maitlis getting her knickers in a twist quoting Frankie's joke on Newsnight was almost as funny.I actually have a lot of respect for the Queen but it doesn't stop me enjoying this clip.( NSFW!)

*as opposed to other books where you just read the same page over and over again.What a stupid phrase!

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At Wednesday, 28 October, 2009, Blogger Gavin said...

Frankie Boyle is class and I would have thought Mock The Week would continue to be a good platform for him.

Good Luck with the poker

At Friday, 30 October, 2009, Blogger Mr Origami said...

Yeah, have to agree...I find Frankie Boyle utterly hilarious.


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